British Branch up for Sale

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  • wannaexit

    More money for mother!!

  • darkspilver

    Hi wannaexit!

    More money for mother!!

    Yes.... six weeks ago actually...

    Has anything been added to the website since then?

    Have they added the history section for Watchtower House since the site was launched?

    Or did wifibandit just miss it out from his post??

    Watch Tower House was constructed on the site of Bittacy House

    Rear View:


    View of Gardens:


  • TheWonderofYou

    Thanks I have never seen how impressive and state-of-the art designed the London bethel is. I like the IBSA appartments in the new built Green Court, the pictures give me impression how typcial bethel apparment might look like today.

    I dont really understand why it might be necessary to leave a city-location like this. Of course printery and warehouse dont fit into a Ridgeway neighbourhood with mansion and always need better traffic connection for the huge trucks, but how much printing is done today, how much traffic of trucks will be there, isnt it always more and more less traffic because of the digital revolution? And wouldnt there be at least enough place enough for the IBSA property and some fine appartments behind the watchtower house at Ridgeway on the green field?

    Everything leads me to the conclusion that a concentrated headquarter is the main goal, because it is seen as even better investment than the todays old houses. And everything on one single spot would have the advantage, that a single compound could ( like the Warwick HQ ) later been better and easily to resell to any big company as HQ. (gain in value)

    Or is everything only a competition with Warwick? Who will have the more beautiful bethel? I dont understand why in London a second bethel is necessary at all, if we have already one in Warwick, Patterson, Wallkill,....

  • darkspilver

    Hi TheWonderofYou

    I dont really understand why it was necessery to leave a city-location like this, is it because the printery needs a better traffic connection?

    No, it is understood that printing will finish once Bethel moves to Essex

    Logistically all the literature and magazine deliveries will then be coming direct from Germany to the individual KHs

    or more the wish to live on one single spot, but wouldnt there be place enough for the IBSA property behind the watchtower house?

    It's called 'the-elephant-in-the-room'.

    Essex will give them more room I guess - but the downside for Bethelites, just like at Brooklyn, is they're moving out of London to Essex. There's not a lot to do and you'll need a car to do ANYTHING off-site. It's going to make the atmoshpere in Bethel even more of a 'bubble' and 'inward' looking

  • TheWonderofYou
    It's called 'the-elephant-in-the-room'.

    Little big "IBSA" was relocated outside the town, so sad

  • jambon1

    I hope it burns down before they get their money.

  • BluesBrother

    When you see the extensive printing, Bethel and warehousing that they now have, you can see just how much they are downsizing to go to Essex.

    I guess they have worked out that Germany can cope?

  • freddo

    The reason they are selling it is that it is in a prime location in the biggest Capital city in Europe and will get them a huge amount of sovs.

    The place they are building in its stead is:-

    Much cheaper and will have far fewer people and no printing presses.

    So lots of lolly coming in from the sale; much less going out and they still have the cheek to massively hint for donations/free labour to build the new place.

    Just like its big brother in Brooklyn/Warwick, London/Chelmsford is a money realisation scheme.

    At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!

  • darkspilver

    Hi freddo

    ignoring the post 9/11 fall-out, it's interesting to see be reminded of some of the apparent reasoning for not moving previously.

    Of course what's changed now is that they'll need a much smaller footprint - but the move was to Essex was all in place before the major downsizing - as can be seen comparing the original Essex scheme with the current one.

  • wifibandit


    I'm not sure if I missed it or if it was added later. I've added these pictures to my imgur album for posterity. Thanks for the heads up!

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