IBSA (Watchtower UK) property portfolio for sale

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  • betterdaze

    Behold: ibsaproperty.com

    “The extensive IBSA property portfolio in North London is now being brought to the market.”

    IBSA moved to the leafy London suburbs of Mill Hill in the late 1950’s. Since then, expansion has required the acquisition of further properties in the immediate area, and in some cases further beyond. In recent years, relocation to a single site which would offer greater economy of operation became more than a matter of interest, and in 2014 a suitable site in Chelmsford, Essex was purchased. As a result, the extensive IBSA property portfolio in North London is now being brought to the market. We think we have something for everyone.

  • nicolaou

    Thanks for sharing this bettetdaze, it'll be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Slick presentation.

  • nmthinker

    Look at those apartments, looks like they were freshly renovated before being put of for sale.

  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    End of an era!

  • wizzstick

    1st century: Matthew 8:20 But Jesus said to him: “Foxes have dens and birds of heaven have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay down his head.”

    21st century: http://ibsaproperty.com/

  • Landy

    For an organisation that 'is no part of the world' they certainly arent shy about making a profit from it.

  • konceptual99

    As with the NY property the criticism is not really about the fact they have property to sell. As a publishing organisation they needed facilities to run an operation and they can't be blamed for when property prices have escalated so much.

    The issue for me is about the contradictions with how they tell members to live and how they solicit time and money from them. The encourage members to reduce their footprint in the world whether that is with their education, their job, their work and their social lives. They want people to invest more of their time and energy in activities that are beneficial to the WTS such as preaching and, more critically, volunteer support for building works.

    They have used volunteer labour to renovate these properties. They have grabbed hard earned cash from congregations all over the world to improve their cash flow whilst they wait for the windfalls from property sales yet still maintain they need more help, more money, more support.

    People that have spent their lives loyally moderating their footprint in the world have nothing to show for their years of servitude yet here is the WTS cashing in on their property portfolio.

    How many bethel workers or those that have given up time and money to work as construction volunteers could afford to live in one of the apartments they are selling? How many will get one penny of the oodles of cash soon to floating around WT coffers?

    For that matter, how many of the worlds poor, displaced, needy or ill will get one penny of this cash dripping through the fingers of the GB?

    That's what makes this whole situation completely sickening...

  • Lostandfound

    Just what did they DO in all these modern warehouses/offices? Obvious need to cut space because of print ends ,so how come just retrench into original Watchtower House and dispose of others not happened? What other activities need a Chelmsford?

  • Tallon

    Great post Konceptual99

  • Absolutesbeginners

    What about "1914" and the "Generation " ???

    Where is the lion eating flowers ? where is my mother learning to play violon on billions dead bodies '( including mine ) ?


    lion is the zoo ....mother is at the kingdom hall running after a carrot ...around the corner .............money money money

    Absolutesbeginners / september 2016 /

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