we have a laid off bethelite with an engineering degree!

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    none of this really requires critical thinking. BOC

    I reconsidered what you stated above and I must agree with you in part, it is no joke, pure science and math courses do not a well rounded individual make.

    But what curriculum is pure math and science? I thought all regionally accredited universities and colleges have a core liberal arts education to make a person well rounded. Generally the kind of courses taken during the first 2 years. These courses offer a better opportunity to develop critical thinking than in STEM courses.

    However, I emphasize opportunity, because form my experience most students view these as "fluff" courses that pad out degree requirements and have "nothing" to do with why they are going to school (job training instead of also learning and learning how to learn/think). As a result they often don't take full advantage of these courses and just do the minimum to get their target grade. Since work loads are usually high, many students won't bother thinking that deeply about challenging ideas. This isn't helped by most professors not stressing the critical thinking aspect as far as they could.

    That said, even in science classes, there have been cases where the material encourages critical thinking. Or maybe I'm just able to notice it better than the students 10+ years younger than me.

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