we have a laid off bethelite with an engineering degree!

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  • Fisherman

    I think that a person armed with a bachelor's or a master's in engineering, hopefully, should be bright enough to make money inspite of the piece of paper.

  • Chook

    I bet some of these kicked to the curb will reflect on this as the best thing that ever happened, all they have to do is google the words Jw governing body, then they will realise that any company can make money with free labor yet these guys couldn't even do that.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    University education does tend to be overly academic (the engineering courses, anyway), with the result that many graduate with no idea about how their learning relates to the real world.

    More than a few times, I - a mere busted @$$ electrician - have had to explain to graduate engineers what the various pieces of plant are in a High Voltage Switchyard. These guys knew all the theory about how such things as power transformers, circuit breakers, instrument transformers, static capacitor banks etc. function; but just could not recognize one if they saw it! Another graduate engineer was compiling a maintenance procedure for the standby diesel generators, but did not know what "crank case blow-by" was. It was left to somebody like me -who had grown up in an era when you both could work on your own car, but couldn't afford to pay somebody else to do so - to enlighten him!

    However, rightly or wrongly, the emphasis today is on academic qualifications ahead of practical experience. I learned that the hard way; a realisation that sent me back to school four years ago to obtain at least an Advanced Diploma. That qualification did help me in getting my present job, though it is doubtful whether the Advanced Diploma course added much to my technical knowledge.

    PS: Sorry if this sounds like a disgruntled old veteran complaining that "the new guys aren't as good as we was"!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Perhaps not a high paying job at the beginning, but one that will cover comparativ cost of living.

    The employment market is well here in the U.S. He'll be just fine.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Fairly simple. As long as these people think they're working for Jehovah's Kingdom on Earth, they'll come back for more abuse. Anyone who gets laid off is going to feel hurt and rejected to a certain degree. But if Jehovah himself calls, who's gonna turn down God?? Maybe Jehovah will take him back and give him a better salary because maybe it was a test!

    Like Abraham. Only there's no angel to swoop down and save the day.

    Chook ยป all they have to do is google the words Jw governing body, then they will realise that any company can make money with free labor yet these guys couldn't even do that.

    I did that.

    They look like the list Patrick Jane had of "Red John" suspects in The Mentalist.


  • Fisherman
    none of this really requires critical thinking. BOC

    I reconsidered what you stated above and I must agree with you in part, it is no joke, pure science and math courses do not a well rounded individual make.

  • sir82

    If his degree is legit, he will find suitable employment soon.


    A 26 year stretch of "religious volunteer" on your resume will scare away most employers, and the lack of continuing education will finish off the rest.

    Not to mention - what company is going to hire a 50-something with little to no real world experience? 50-60 is when corporations (including the WT, by the way) shed workers who represent a risk due to health insurance issues.

    Unless by "suitable employment" you mean "Walmart stockboy" or "nighttime custodian".

  • Magnum

    sir82, AMEN! I strongly concur.

  • LongHairGal


    You think the employment market in the US is good??? You must be living in another dimension.

    I am in agreement with SIR82's comments above:...a 20+ year stretch of religious volunteer is a total turnoff to an employer. They would really wonder what was wrong with somebody....Maybe two years could be overlooked if it were followed by many years of solid work experience. And NOBODY wants a 50+ - especially one with little to no life experience.

    For somebody like this to get a "decent" job it would be because of a personal favor from someone he knows. Good luck.

  • wisdomfrombelow

    Like Magnum, I know a lot of JWs with Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees and most of them are doing well in the job market. I know some Bethelite's with engineering degrees that did just fine when they left Bethel because if their volunteer work was related to their degree they would have experience working for a multinational company and that counts for something.

    Most of them are deserving of the degree they got and worked very hard at prestigious universities to get them. To think that just because they were a JW they somehow don't think is really unfair. Is everyone who is is religious and idiot because they accept things that others think is unnecessary or foolish? I can't make that assessment.

    If they choose to remain or enter the full-time ministry as a JW then that might limit their job opportunities as often the job offers are for full-time work. But I dislike the blanket statements about not being worthy of graduating. Some people I know who are very bright don't have the self-discipline to finish a course they find "boring" and hence don't graduate. That's just as unacceptable in my book.

    There are smart graduates and their are less-bright graduates. Some have good people skills and some don't. But I'd rather have the degree than the same knowledge and intelligence without the degree as sometimes that can help in getting the job when all other things are equal.

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