What does your online handle mean?

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  • ninecharger

    When I signed up to this board,

    it was 9pm, I was charging my cellphone...


    (I have just realised my handle sounds like a frigid German Virgin.)

  • Sabine

    I got Sabine from ancient Roman history, the rape of the Sabines.

    A fter the foundation of Rome, the problem was to populate it. Romulus gathered the local shepherds but there were no women. What could he do? He thought to organize a feast, and invited the Sabines with their wives and daughters. During the feast, at a given sign, the young Romans kidnapped the women and put to flight the men. But some time later the Sabines, lead by Titus Tazio king of Curiti, a Sabine tribe,came back to free their women and to take revenge for the insult.

    I related to the story because the Sabines thought they were invited to a feast and ended up being raped instead. I was lured in by a "spiritual feast" and was spiritually raped by the cult.

  • drwtsn32
    It means I am Micheal.

    I think your parents spelled your name wrong.

  • willyloman

    Finalist, best handle: Sabine.

  • neverthere

    I picked neverthere, simple cause I was neverthere as a JW that is.


  • SixofNine

    ( lllllllll )

  • Joyzabel

    Wow, Sabine: "I was lured in by a "spiritual feast" and was spiritually raped by the cult. " well put.

    mine handle? doh! <standing and taking the microphone> I'm Joy and I'm glad to be free!

    Freedom is so sweet to anyone who has ever been a captive.



    Well, being ignorant of some things keeps us blissful.

    While I was in the borg, and ignorant of all the crap that was going on, I felt happy, blissful to some extent. Once I found out and experienced the badness of the WTS I could no longer be happy so I left.

    Now I'm out and blissful because I'm ignorant (meaning........not involved with) the WTS's activities.


    But I prefer being called just plain ol' BLISS!


  • Amazing

    A fellow electrical engineer at Bechtel Corporation often would use the phrase "simply amazing" to characterize some of the socio-political problems we have in the world ... I managed to catch on to the phrase ... and used it for my first screen name on H20 ... when I joined JWD, I shortened it to "Amazing" for ease of typing ... and I employ it for the same reason ... all the things we have endured and come to understand as JWs/ex-JWs is "Simply Amazing" ...

  • berylblue

    It's just from some prose I wrote about this totally GORGEOUS HUNK with whom I had an affair when I was 24. Went on to become rich and famous. I knew he would.

    Hey, M.....I will always remember your beryl blue eyes.....


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