What does your online handle mean?

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  • Sargon

    The name Sargon piqued my historical curiosity. He was an King of the city state af Agade (or Akkad) in ancient Sumeria. Why I chose his name for my handle was because the story of his birth is very similar to that of Moses' (besides all the other names I wanted were already taken). There is alot of the early bible borrowed from older legends and tales. Since Sargon pedates even Abraham, it shows that much of Hebrew/Christian mythology is drawn from earlier pagan religion.

    If it's not pagan... it's crap!

  • willyloman

    Willy Loman is the central character in the prize winning play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. It's required reading in many colleges and some high schools. It is a classic tale of the conflict between illusion and reality, in which a salesman comes to realize he has been selling nothing of any lasting value and has built his whole life on a shoeshine and a smile. When reality sets in, he can't deal with it and goes on pretending while all around him his world comes crashing down.

  • undercover


    When I first posted here, I was pretty nervous about it. I was inactive in service, but still going to meetings. I had doubts but something inside me knew not to ask the elders. So I turned to the *gasp* Internet. I knew this was wrong in the eyes of the WTS, so I knew I had to be very discreet and not let on to anyone my feelings or my actions. I would like to change it sometime, but I don't feel like starting over on my post count.

  • Odrade

    Odrade, a "reverend mother" character from the Dune series. The ultimate science fiction story of how religion can be used to manipulate the masses. Odrade doubts, retains her sense of humor, and works to foster "creativity--" Herbert's word for independent thinking.


  • Jourles

    Jourles - doesn't mean anything. Should have signed up with "Joules," an electrical term, but I thought I would get creative and throw in an extra letter to make it unique. So for anyone asking how to pronounce it, just say Joules(jewls).

  • Elders_Kid

    It means just what it says... my dad is an elder. Not very creative, just something that popped into my head when I signed up for the board.


  • gambit

    The first computer program to successfully play chess was named Sargon... so I use that once in a while, but it was taken on this board (Hi Sargon )...

    Computer programming became my method of coping with life 20+ years ago. My 1st 10 years of studying and writing programs was on my own, working on a program to play chess (since I couldn't go to college and had no skills to survive).

    Thus, Gambit was born. A gambit is a sacrifice of a "known" position or of material for a strategic advantage. It turns out that my walking away from the borg was also a gambit, in real life... but I wouldn't play it any other way !

    My work on gambit set me on a course to eventually land a programming job with a fortune 50 company (with no college or previous programming experince, but one hell of a geek and an impossible dream for a porfolio). They paid for night college and I received a BS in CS at the age of 40. Interestingly, I quite programming the following year... The way I see it, now I have a head start on my next 20 year gambit.


  • coffee_black

    Simple, I drink my coffee black and I usually have a cup while I post.


  • micheal

    It means I am Micheal.

  • gcc2k

    Absolutely nothing. I wanted a vague, meaningless handle so I couldn't be tracked down. :)

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