"Armageddon is imminent!"

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  • Vidiot
    LV101 - "are most of the halls that poor - hard to believe."

    Probably not, but the members overwhelmingly are.

    And how many congos have you seen that are being shored up on the Org's dime?

    LV101 - "I hope you're right about the sell offs..."

    They're all taking place at the same time as the CSA lawsuit tsunami, and I'm not a big believer in coincidence.

    Terry recently posted a story about a lawyer he met who told him that at a certain point, every high-profile church ministry reaches a threshold where it invariably morphs into a money-making scheme to pay the constant legal fees it incurs as a result of its leaders' misdeeds.

    Why should the WTS be any different?

  • Vidiot
    Tate - "I've found that most Witnesses don't even know about the property flipping. I tried to talk to someone about it once and they got mad at me. I've heard literally 1 brother mention it. Everybody else has their head in the sand."


    And any congregation consolidation/dissolution due to dwindling membership is often explained away as members "moving to the city for work" (and in the case of faders, not showing up at their supposed new congregations, but I won't tell if you won't).

    And of course they're getting mad if you bring it up; you're indirectly suggesting a lack of constant growth... something the rank-and-file has associated with divine favor - and had a lot of pride about - for decades.

    Funny thing about keeping your head in the sand, though... eventually, breathing becomes difficult.

  • Val2020

    I have been brought up in the truth, and was made to believe I would never leave school.

    that was in the 1970s

    back then I thought will there be a time when people will say ok it’s gone on too long now, we were lied to. Leading upto 1975 you were made to feel wrong and unfaithful if you doubted the end would come in 75.

    just as now you are made to feel bad if you doubt the nonsense overlapping generations doctrine.

    back in 1970s you couldn’t imagine this system going on as far as the 1980s or let along the 1990s.

    yet here we are coming upto 2020.

    my question is what if, really WHAT IF we see 2030 and beyond???????

    could the Jdubs still carry on believing that this new period of time is the new last days and we were all wrong before?

  • zeb

    A son was born to us in 1974. The cong around us said he would never get to go to school . .. . .

  • iwantoutnow

    My mom got baptized in 74 cuz you know 75 was the end.

    I know a bunch of people who married at 17 and 18 in 73/74.

    Why, cuz they were not sure there would be SEX after the big A in 75.

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