No more official visits to disfellowshipped & disassociated ones

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  • JWdaughter

    I have been disassociated for 35 years and not one visit, so this is more of a surprise in that I was supposed to be getting them. Gee, I really missed out, eh?

  • Londo111

    The end must be getting close! Looks like the doors to Ark are about to be closed!

  • Bugbear

    I do remember the times when I got a call from members of BOE and a CO. It was rather embarrassing for them. I simply asked them to give me the answer on some simple questions about the contradictions in the Bible, about how long the time humans have been on earth, about the logic with the sacrificing of Jesus, how God could kill over millions of people in the flood….a.s.f. They blushed all over their face raised and excused themselves with that they were busy…the time was so short now and they must visit all the other that were I the need of a Bible study….. this was several years ago….haven´t seen them in years now…

  • HappyGal

    In recent years, many disfellowshipped or disassociated individuals have returned to Jehovah after having seen Jehovah’s Witnesses carrying out their ministry in public places. Others have approached the elders after reading a copy of the Return to Jehovah brochure or watching JW Broadcasting.

    One thing I've learned to always ask is ---"Is this true?" So WBTS - how many individuals have returned to Jehovah after reading the brochure or watching JW Broadcasting? One? Two?

  • ToesUp

    The natives are getting restless a little more each day. When the Elders are visiting DF'd or DA'd people, they are like blondie said, "coming over to the dark side." The Elders can not defend "the troof" anymore. Try explaining to someone the new and approved overlapping generation teaching. What a cluster. The Come Back to Jehovah brochure does not cover why most have left the cult. Elders can not comprehend that. Questions about the ARC and child abuse cases are just something WT and the Elders do not want to discuss. It is embarrassing and the light is shining brightly on WT right now. Cowards will never stick around when the light is shining on them, they scatter like cockroaches once the light comes on.


    How will elders "determine" that an individual is now morphing back into JW-ness? Usually it was the return to meetings - cowering and contrite - sitting in the back row - for as long as the BOE determined your repentance ought to take...sometimes years would pass.

    In our own case at this recent time my wife and I have been totally df'ed without any JC - They have just gone directly into the shunning mode. Which makes me so P-ed off as I am waiting for my subpoena to appear so that we can have a real "production" made of it - Camera's/ Tape recorders/ Attorney and moral support from selected individuals at the JC.


    the Governing Body has determined that there is no longer a need for a formal arrangement to visit disfellowshipped or disassociated individuals each year.

    Reality Check:

    The Governing Body has determined that disfellowshipped or disassociated individuals.

    Have too much information, about corruption within the WBT$/JW`s..


    Image result for corrupt lawyer

  • Phizzy

    I reckon this is good news too for those like Mrs Phizzy and myself who are classed as simply "inactive".

    If they haven't got to bother with those officially out, then surely this will result in them not bothering us anymore....... won't it ?

  • OnTheWayOut

    As an inactive one, I am not officially bothered by them. It's been several years. I imagine it's normal to excuse themselves from bothering most of the time anyway- "OTWO is not receptive, doesn't technically live within the borders of the territory, is probably just going to slam the door on us, knows where we are if he wants to talk, YADDA YADDA."

    And it's a good thing for me. I don't want to bother with them.

    But yeah, I can see that this was causing some elders to learn from the dark side.

  • steve2

    What a relief to many bodies of elders who can now openly not do what they were not doing anyway.

    A little bit like your mother saying you now do not necessarily need to clean under the carpet when you haven't cleaned under the carpet anyway. Okay?

    "Yes, certainly mother, I'll follow your instruction!"

    The letter suggests that elders may have got into pickles with disfellowshipped individuals, contacted their CO or headquarters, creating even more "paper work" for the hassled brothers higher up.

    The letter also advises that physically infirm elders can choose to phone disfellowshipped individuals - again, what criteria do they use to decide who to phone?

    What a telling mishmash of micromanagement.

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