Do U Detest JWs.

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  • minimus
  • minimus

    JWs are not terrible people. They are simply effed up. I don't get mad at them. I sympathize with about u???

  • mrmagic
    Some days I have sympathy, other days they are the worst cult ever. Despite that, in the back of my mind there's a centeredness of knowing that whatever I do makes a positive difference in the bigger picture of things.
  • FindTheLost

    I am not mad.

    I have forgiven my family.

    But I will not sympathize with anyone that shuns another.

    People are not a consumable product to be thrown away!!!!

  • millie210

    My dislike is aimed upward!

    I dislike the leaders and the trickle down of my ire continues toward elders who mimic the leaders.

    I have no dislike for the kind "doing the best they can" elders (rare) or for the people in the congregations. Their lives are hard enough already and if anything, they need my understanding and kindness - like any abuse victim would.

    Most of my feelings are reserved for the young people. Such a horrible situation to be in when it comes to "should I stay or should I go".

  • ToesUp

    Boy...that's a loaded question.

    Some I do detest, some are really great people. Deluded (like we used to be) but still nice, well meaning people, that have not looked behind the curtain yet. Looking behind the curtain changes EVERYTHING!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I detest the GB the head of the snake, and I would tell that to each GB member to his face.

    You can not say, they know not what they do.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yes. Difficult question to ask. In a round about way, most are fine people. Really nice people. But there are others I cant stand, at all. I would rather sneak up in a crowd and punch one of them in the face

    But overall, I cant say I detest JWs(most are good people). I just simply detest what the Borg has done to them, indoctrinated them, brainwashed.

  • Sabin

    There are some amazing jws, really nice individuals, collectively as a group they are cruel. They are stuck in a group think situation where they are all coerced in to thinking the same, cut off from outside realities, & forcibly silencing members that show any dissent by having them shunned. 100% cult, 100% wicked.

    I would have to say that while I don't detest them they most certainly are not my most favourite people. Yes the fish rot's from the head down.

  • Wild_Thing

    I don't detest them. I feel sorry for them. They are trapped in a prison of their own making and they don't even know.

    They are a like a bear that is trapped in a painful claw trap. Even though it is painful, they stay put and after a while, they start to forget it is the claw trap (the org) causing them pain.

    Freeing yourself from the bear trap is even more painful. You have to practically gnaw off your own limb to free yourself. (At least it feels that way.) You are left damaged and will never be the same, but you are free!

    Leaving the JWs was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I will never the same, but it was worth it. Most of the JWs are good people ... just misguided people.

    I have a hard time giving the same leniency to those in power, though, especially the GB and many elders.

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