Three new lawsuits against Watchtower filed under NY Child Victims Act (CVA) this October, bringing number of CVA cases up to six

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  • BluesBrother

    All “apostate lies” of course..... and if they settle out of court it does not mean that anyone’s guilty..... ( if you believe Mr Splane )

  • Corney
  • Vidiot
    road to nowhere - "...the comments on Splanes talk said he was heading off something..."

    Jeezus, yeah; it's the only explanation that makes any sense.

    Ten bucks says they must be getting absolutely inundated with calls from elders fielding questions from the rank-and-file by now...'s like the old householder accusations of being "false prophets" from back in the day, but way, way worse.

  • Vidiot
    BluesBrother - "...if they settle out of court it does not mean that anyone’s guilty... ( if you believe Mr Splane )"

    Technically true... but it also means you were a lot less likely to win the case.

    Not to mention that settling almost always comes with a gag order (although that seems almost quaint at this point Vidiot).

  • Vidiot

    One last thing.

    For anyone who thinks this is all taking too long, or that all these little individual court cases aren't really making a difference, just remember...

    ...a swarm of hungry piranhas can fuck up your shit way worse than one big shark.

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