Recent mistakes of the Governing Body contributing to the decline of JWs

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  • sparky1

    Don't forget the demonization of poor little Sparlock!

  • sparrowdown

    Surely exposure to GB members in all their crazy weirdness via the broadcasts will backfire for some - especially in countries other than America, where most JWs in these countries have previously been spared the "privilege" of seeing and hearing their GB-Gods.

    Oh, BTW - Hey d4g's in da house ☺

  • stillin

    CO's used to come to dinner. You could get to know some of them, have a relaxed evening, and now, it seems certain that they are not to hobnob with the riffraff. They are in town on business. The business is with the elders. Sure, they're friendly, usually, but they are in lockstep with the Borg.

    I feel certain that this is by decree from Jehovah's mouthpiece on Earth, The Governing Body. All hail! The "brothers" are simply distant cousins.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I feel sorry for my old friends still in..I know they are praying every night please,please

    let paradise be real, I have alienated my kids,family and friends. I have spent my

    whole life in this organization and for what. Hell I don't know what I believe anymore,

    but the only hope I have is paradise, don't let that be BS also.

    These are the old members......

  • aintenoughwiskey

    The demoting of the anointed was a strait up power grab. Cleaning out the congregation accounts was a money grab. Telling young men you will never find a wife if you are not a MS, alienate and drive away your future income. They must get points for knee jerk reactions, and whacky ideas.

  • Dagney

    Yeah, they shot themselves in the foot when they did away with picnics and goodie night!

  • baker
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Baker: Yes that's it, I thought it was a Kingdom song, silly me I should have known better.LOL

    I have been out a long time.

  • Finkelstein

    I think it much to do with the fact that very core foundation doctrine for the JWS was to preach that this old system of things was to come an end with the GT and Armageddon, an urgent important message for all mankind.

    Don't get married , don't have children just preach and pioneer in faithful devotion toward Jah's will and purpose.

    Well its over 100 hundred years since 1914 and nothing has happened, even many devout JWS are starting to realize that now, which puts in their mind, have they been duped, manipulate and exploited ?

  • A Ha
    A Ha
    For those of you that think the WT will be around forever... will eventually produce a situation they cannot control, and that will force their demise, or at least force them to take on a likeness that no one would recognize as JW.

    Hate to be a wet blanket, but I think the WT will be around for a very long time. As you say, religions evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, and the WT will be no different. They're being more stubborn than some, and I doubt they'll "thrive" in the information age, but there will always be people who want and/or need religion, and so there will always be religions to give people what they want and/or need.

    I think your last sentence is key--they won't be recognizable as what we've known as JWs, but the current WT would be barely recognizable to those who first joined in the late 1800s. What modern religion would be recognizable to those who were there in its formative years?

    I wouldn't even be shocked if they adopted the Trinity, holidays... all of it. The only thing they really need to do to survive is to quietly drop all the Millennial stuff; become just another Christian group that's waiting for the Second Coming, without the hints that it's months-not-years away, and they'll survive.

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