Recent mistakes of the Governing Body contributing to the decline of JWs

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  • JW_Rogue

    Their first and biggest mistake was declaring that the GB is the FDS and demoting the anointed. Sure everyone knew that the GB didn't get input from all the anointed from around the world. Still it felt better thinking that they were just representatives of a larger group. The change seemed to be arbitrary and made out of fear. It raises all sorts of questions that aren't answered except with conjecture and speculation.

  • HappyHappyHappy1914

    Great comments but I would like to add a few.

    -The new songs and song book are terrible. No one likes them and, while maybe not a huge deal, made the meetings less enjoyable for alot of people.

    -Over a decade ago, the organization could have done what a number of other evangelical groups did and adopt technology to court younger people's attention. Instead, the WT warned everyone about the dangers of the internet. Fast forward to 2012, WT abandoned that notion and threw themselves into technology at a rate that made the biggest technophiles scratch their head. The transition would have been much softer if they gradual rolled out these changes, instead of suddenly doing an about face. Congregations are frantically trying to set up TVs in all the halls and older ones are desperately trying to figure out their tablets.

  • BluesBrother

    Great comments here, like Toes-up

    They are digging their own grave by all the crazy talk and changes. I don't think the "apostates" will have much to do, the cult is doing it for us.

    and Some Dude

    , first thing I do after reluctantly taking their mags is type into google "Jehovah's Witnesses". And I see this. Yah for Simon and his great website!!!

    Personally, I agree about the loss of the Tuesday book study. I too have known some gruesome groups but a good one one was great! Social interaction ,a more relaxed discussion and a cup of tea and chat.. It made stronger bonds.

    The loss of Assembly food is another, and the volunteer spirit to provide it and serve it. That was where friendships were made and good fun was had . Those are my abiding memories of Circuit Assemblies long after the programme is forgotten.

    Life in what we called "The Truth " was just more fun back then....

  • blondie

    I agree, BluesBrother, I had a few groups that were not supportive and had unhappy people with backstabbing qualities. But that was the KH all over anyway. It was nice to have a group where people lovingly noticed you were gone and cared. Conductors that paid attention to the children in a healthy way and tried to include everyone in the discussion, treat nights where people lingered and talked about their lives.

    Elders are busy with non people issues, everyone can only talk to a few people, relatives and long-time friends. More opportunities in a small group. I miss working in food service and getting to know people more deeply, including people from other groups.

  • Dagney

    I also think the playing of videos in place of the human aspect of having a real person as a speaker depersonalizes the meetings. It may sound cool at first to watch professional videos, but I think eventually it will lead to a distancing mentally from the meetings. Probably not by all, but by some. Little to no effort by meeting speakers makes it easier on the BOE to be sure, and good for was a nutty schedule to try to keep up effectively as a "shepherd."

    I would think maybe it would make it easier to miss meetings if you thought, "oh I'm really tired...well tonight is the video night, I can catch it another time or go to"

    Just a thought I've been tossing around for a while.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The pressure and stress they are afflicting on the RF. You can see it in the faces of

    the older members.....

  • redvip2000

    It was nice to have a group where people lovingly noticed you were gone and cared.

    Somehow the GB forgot about the real reason why Jdubs become Jdubs, relationships.

    That is the real fabric of the JW delusion. The friends, the relationships, the support groups, the feeling of belonging.

    The groups were, like others said, a very close circle. People really got close to each other. Without it, it becomes very fragmented.

  • LongHairGal

    These are all excellent posts! Yes, the many radical changes in the Witness religion in a relatively short period of time must be distressing to many in the religion.

    To me all these changes only make it seem like the religion is unraveling.

    But, to somebody like me who has been out as a "fader" for many years, it only makes me feel fortunate that I'm not there!

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I may be mistaken but isn't there a Kingdom song name Joy,Joy,Joy something along

    that line. If so that is the problem, nothing to be cheerful about.

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