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  • CoonDawg

    After my divorce, I remarried. My wife is a JW. She doesn't give me too much crap about my heathen ways. Since I was raised as a 3rd gen. witness, when we talk about my feelings of the religion, she says I should go back as a reformer. She thinks that though I would never have any privileges, I should stick around to be a pain in the ass to those self righteous "power witness" people.

    She falls into the group of "liberal witnesses" those who go through the motions, but realizes the faults. She converted in her late 20's and still feels some inner obligation to go. I don't really understand her reasons for sticking around other than, having been raised as a catholic she feels some sort of obligation to go through those rituals.


  • garybuss

    Thanks Ern and Run, Great additions! Thanks! I see some additional types and sub types.

    When I thought about listing the types, I imagined there might be 5 or 6 types, but when I got to 9 very quickly I began to see there are many types.

    I believe the Society has these all listed, and they rotate writing articles and provide activities and structure for all the types. If they didn't create the types, they are aware of them and they provide the environment for them.

    I believe when we have the psychology and the types of the new recruits mapped, we can follow their path up, into and through the Organization.

    I also believe when we have the types list formed, those of us who have exited or are in the process of exiting, will be able to show how social or doctrinal setbacks inside the Organization caused us to move from type to type but did not necessarily cause us to exit . . . . at least right away. GaryB

  • wednesday

    Looks good Gary, i would add to the list, poorly educated or somesuch phrase) and socially inept jws people, and the neurotics obessed with the superticious/demons.Also, in yerars gone by , the misfits were more or less an accepted group, but in has gone by the wayside as the WTS has" cleaned up" the org quite a bit and now want to portray the jws as more mid class,, and better educated.( heard a pioneer and elder sife say that!!)

    looks really good, thank u for considering my type and addding them. It looks great. Also all the new admissions are going to be good.

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    Hello Gary!

    I love your posts - the effort and detail in them has given me much to think about.

    I have another type:

    # 14: The Undercover Brothers

    - These are JW men and women who have spent years as elders or regular pioneers, led dozens to baptism, but are later found to have lived such scandalous lives that they bring entire congregations down with them in their web of secrecy and deceit.

    For example, at one congregation I attended, a pioneer 'sister' was sleeping with another regular pioneer for years while her worldly husband was serving time in jail for MURDER. Another sister was also involved as she babysat the kids while the two were out enjoying their sin. Since no one could keep a secret, the committee room soon became a very busy place.

  • garybuss

    Wednesday, Does this description look okay? Thanks, GaryB

    12. Misfit Witnesses

    Misfits are anyone that does not fit into the joyful scheme of things, weak, socially inept people, sick, poorly educated people, neurotics obsessed with the superstitious fear of demons, addicted people, abused people, poor people, and mentally ill people. Most of them truly believe. They hope for so much, they know they are lower than the Real Witness but they believe as a Real Witness. They want to believe in the "new world" because it will cure them of their problems. Eventually they are rejected and shunned. Witnesses will only put up with the Misfit's problems for so long, after that, they expect a "faith " healing.

  • garybuss

    Ern, Please look this type over and let me know what you think. Thanks, GaryB

    Zealot Witness.

    These are the fanatics. These immerse their whole lives into their religion. The zealot usually has a skewed vision of reality and of the group's teachings. They usually are of poor means and poorer education. They take the hard line even when the softer line is in their best interest. They shun quicker and meaner. They seem to like the idea of Armageddon and seeing 6 billion dead people. They are critical of the Power Witness because they are not tough enough.They cause too many waves for very many to be comfortable around them. They usually have very odd personality quirks. They are the ones who will be "running ahead of the organization". If this sort goes away, though zealous, secretly other Witnesses are glad this one is gone.

  • jgnat

    Gary, awesome list! And I agree that a positive approach to reform is far more satisfying. A friend here in town did the same thing. http://www.kidskottage.org/

    I can think of two more types for your list,

    Bitter Woman Witness
    If she did not have something to complain about, she wouldn't know what to do with herself. Well-entrenched as a martyr, she moans through conventions and groans of her babies lost to the "world".

    Divided Household Witness
    Forever faithful and rarely recognized, this Witness with "unbelieving" partner attends all meetings, follows the Family book by trying to patiently out-last their partner, and endures the pitying looks and commisseration from fellow members. May be considered "spiritually weak" for not managing to convert their partner. The children of such a witness are marked before they are born as being potential troublemakers. Also includes Divorced Witness.

  • wednesday

    Great Gary, i really like the additions of the other types. I believe the 'bitter woman witness" need a lot my discussion. I know this type and there are many them. Woman who are 40+ and never married, for any number of reasons.Arond here they traveled in packs, and had single parties and were constantly looking for "Mr right". But i'm in a big area, the situation could be entirely different in a small town. they are probably "watched" by the married sisters for fear they will take their husband.

  • garybuss

    Thanks jgnat, Are there bitter men too? or just women? What religious type are they? Zealots? Social? Real?

    Would the divided household type fit under Misfit type?

    Wednesday, what about it? are the single headhunters only female? are they all bitter? or do they have other descriptions as well? are they fringe Witnesses or are they mainliners?

    What's their education? economics? are they in rural areas too? or only in the cities? Thanks for all the help. GaryB

  • jgnat

    I think the bitterness is more pronounced among the women, as there is a definite element of frustrated ambition. In a male-dominated religion, the woman can only rise through the man. Without a man, she has no status. Except for martyr. Married women can be martyrs, too, I think.

    What religious type are they? Zealots? Social? Real? I think they start out as zealots (note the prolonged singlehood), but wear out over time.

    Would the divided household type fit under Misfit type? Yeah, divided household could be a sub-type of misfit.

    Are they fringe Witnesses or are they mainliners? Again, I think they are, against their will, stuck in the fringe. They have no man to rise through the ranks with. Unless they have a pliable straight son with ambitions for Bethel.

    What's their education? economics? are they in rural areas too? or only in the cities? I saw them everywhere. Never saw so many sour faces in my life as in the faces of the middle-aged women, huddled underneath their crocheted blankets (the auditorium was chilly). I bet they are the first ones to fink on the "sinners", too (Misery loves company).

    The only happy women I saw were the barbie dolls strutting the hallways. Definitely second generation, definitely the social type.

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