Your Top Ten Favourite Movies?

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  • Hecce

    Flipper reminded me:

    Blazing saddles

  • Vetiver

    The Man From Nowhere, (basically a Korean version of, Taken but with a ignored and lonely girl instead of a daughter.)

    The Devil's Backbone, (an old Guillermo del Toro horror/drama movie.)

    Mad Max: Fury Road, (action in art.)

    Dancer in the Dark, (Bjork in an imaginary musical. It traumatizes you but it was worth it.)

    Logan, (best comic movie I've seen yet.)

    Moon, (sci-fi with Sam Rockwell)

    Fight Club, (can't talk about Fight Club)

    The Birds, (first movie I watched that got me in to horror.)

    L.A. Confidential, (noir James Elroy cop movie. Reminds me of a grown up version of Dick Tracy comics.)

    Dark City, (noir/sci-fi movie that heavily inspired, The Matrix)

  • Vetiver

    I just remembered, "A Perfect World."

    Escaped convict, (Kevin Costner) that kidnaps and takes hostage a Jehovah Witness kid that he ends up connecting with and even gets him a Halloween costume he wears as they run away from Clint Eastwood. He directed it to I believe. Really through me off when I first saw it. It helped me question my beliefs even more so.

  • freddo

    No particular order - but at the moment it is ...



    Dead Poets Society

    Hacksaw Ridge


    Terminator 2 Judgement Day

    Apollo 13

    Cast Away


    A Fistful of Dollars

    Others float in and out of my top ten like Jaws, Pale Rider or The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Deliverance, Prometheus, Capricorn One ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    A few more honourable mentions: The Witch (2015) - stylised as The 'VVitch' - is pretty good.

    If you go into that film looking for witches and lots of blood and gore, you're gonna be disappointed.

    The writer/director Robert Eggers builds up tension and atmosphere very well. The old adage for monsters in films is 'less is more' and Eggers does this very well, IMO. It's also very accurate to the period it's set in (1630s New England) - archaic Modern English and 17th century costumes.

    Another film I love is Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994). It's a bit of a meta-horror like Scream (1996) but does it better, IMO. Heather Langenkamp's acting is superb in this - she deserved some kind of award for her performance.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Top ten I couldn't tell ya. I have a real hard time even imagining what are 10 favs. Even most watched is deficult for me to answer,

    How about some that I thought were outstanding?

    Old Yeller, (boy and his dog real tear jerker for a lad of ten)

    Godzilla, I forget which one early 60's.

    The Wizard Of Oz

    Yellow Submarine, really cool

    Devil At 4 O'clock

    The Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze

  • Fisherman

    (All Edited for tv with no dirty stuff.)

    One Flew over the Cukoos nest

    Once Upon a Time in the West

    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

    Pasqualino Seven Beauties

    The Godfather 1and 2


    The Heartbreak Kid (with Cybil Shepherd)

    Cool Hand Luke

    Midnight Run

    Rider on the Rain

  • OnTheWayOut

    My answer depends on my mood. Here's a list from right now when I typed this, but it could change tomorrow:

    The Matrix
    It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    Runaway Train
    Blade Runner
    The Sting
    Star Wars, A New Hope
    The Terminator
    12 Monkeys

    ....and Rocky would be in most mood lists.

  • punkofnice

    I'm not one for deep meaningful films. I just like a good old sit down and be entertained without having to think deeply. There are many films I love. This is a very small selection.......not that anyone is really all that bothered.........

    1. The Ghost Train (1941) Athur Askey

    A cosy little watch with twee characters.

    2. V for Vendetta

    Cinema of vengeance. An interesting adaptation from the comic book.

    3. Labyrinth (David Bowie)

    Another cosy watch with or without the kids.

    4. The Matrix

    My escape from watchtower world.

    5. Mr Bean's Holiday

    Just like me, he only wants to go to the beach.

    6 & 7. The Time Machine (Both versions)

    Good time travel films. Nostalgia in 80 minutes. (ish). I admit the later film with Guy Pierce has some real goofs of epic proportions but it's just good fun, so is excused.

    8. The Life of Brian

    Much funnier than the Bible.

    9. Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD (Peter Cushing - Dr Who)

    A camp colourful romp that is fun to watch.

    10. The Secret Garden (1993)

    I just enjoy family entertainment. Something to watch with the grand kids.


    Left Behind (Nicholas Cage)

    No. I'm joking. scrap that. It was the worst film I've ever seem in my life. Truly a waste of 80 minutes-ish of my life.

  • snugglebunny

    It's interesting to see how many English guys are being selected to play American politicians. In "Selma", Tom Wilkinson plays LBJ and Tim Roth the ghastly George Wallace.

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