Your Top Ten Favourite Movies?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just thought I'd start a thread about favourite movies. Mine, in no particular order, are ...

    Alien - a great visual film. The chest-bursting scene is still great to watch, no matter how many times I've seen the movie. Great acting - the characters are so believable.

    The Silence of the Lambs - the cast and crew apparently got help from the real FBI - and it shows. Great acting, particularly in the exchanges between Lecter and Starling.

    Halloween (1978) - just seen this film today. A classic by John Carpenter. Love the tension, aided by the minimalist music.

    Starwars: A New Hope - great film by George Lucas that seemed to have it all - imagination, special effects, other worlds, other technologies, great characters. A great space fantasy film.

    Starwars: The Empire Strikes Back - great sequel to the above. We're introduced to more worlds, more Imperial ships and vehicles, and more characters, such as Yoda. I always thought the Luke vs Vader lightsaber duel to be much better than the duel between Kenobi and Vader.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - Wes Craven's original had great imagination and a truly iconic character in Fred Krueger. No lame wisecracks, Krueger was down to business in this movie.

    Shaun of the Dead - good comedy with British sense of humour. Combining romance, comedy and zombies - and pulling it off - was pretty awesome.

    The Thing (1982) - IMO, another great film by John Carpenter. The alien effects were front and centre, but I though there was some good acting - especially from Kurt Russell. It is interesting to watch paranoia and distrust take hold as the film moves along.

    The Terminator - I thought Arnie was made for the title role. Michael Biehn did a great job as Reece.

    The Fly (1986) - some great acting, particularly by Jeff Goldblum. The special effects were pretty good, too.

    As you can probably tell, I like horror films. There are some good films that just miss out, such as Jaws and Aliens.

    There are some films that I saw a long time ago when I was a kid - The Shining (in part), One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - that I can't remember much of but am sure they are good films. These aren't on my list.

    Then there are classic films that I haven't seen but would make most people's top ten - The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, ET, Psycho, Casablanca, etc.

    What are your favourite films?

  • jhine

    Dirty Dancing , l Robot , Rebecca ( the original black and white ) Sister Act , They Call Me Mr Tibbs . l cannot think of any more that l would rush to watch again .


  • Chook

    Law abiding citizen , limitless, and that's about as much as I can handle.

  • Ucantnome

    Bridges of Madison County, Gladiator, High Plains Drifter, Terminator, Aliens, Always, Predator, Field of Dreams, Toy Story, Hustle, Cocoon

  • Simon

    It depends what class of "favourite" you are talking about.

    Great fun action movies: anything with Transformers, Super-Heroes or Jedi in them.

    Movies that make you ponder: Twelve Monkeys, Gran Torino, 13th Floor, Time Lapse, Donnie Darko, Predestination (heck, anything involving time-travel).

    Then there are the great acting performance movies, where the star is the star more than the film itself (IMO the best actors are the ones you don't notice as "oh, it's him").

    The real test for me of a great movie is, however many times you've seen it before, when it's on TV you'll sit and watch it.

  • Tallon

    Well, where do I start. My favourites continue to change however, in no particular order;

    • Dances With Wolves
    • Titanic
    • Imitation Game
    • Braveheart
    • K 19
    • Invictus
    • Goodbye Bafana
    • Zulu Dawn
    • Erin Brockovich
    • Gladiator

    Then there all the James Bond movies, and + + + ...

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Not in any particular order:

    I am legend.

    War of the Worlds (the newer one with Tom Cruise)

    The Matrix

    The Mist

    Dawn of the dead

    Over the hedge

    Ice age

    Valerian and the city of 1000 planets.

    Indiana Jones and the temple of doom.

    28 weeks later

  • Magnum

    no particular order:

    LaLa Land

    Edward Scissorhands




    The Sound of Music

    Taladega Nights

    Anne of Green Gables

    Gone with the Wind

    The Thing (1982)

    (probably a lot of others not remembering right now)

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Lars and the Real Girl (Very funny but equally moving)

    Grand Budapest Hotel (A new modern comedic classic)

    Young Frankenstein (Need I say more?)

    The Last Days, Spanish Apocalyptic film, very very effective (Not a Bible movie).

    Defending Your Life ( I can watch it once a year, so funny.)

    Train to Busan (Korean zombie movie set on, you guessed it, a train.) The best zombie movie since Night of the Living Dead. Incredible.

    All the usual's.

  • scratchme1010

    Aliens part 1 and 2

    That's it. Still looking for 8 more.

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