The 'IN' families

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  • BluesBrother

    So true.....It is not just on J C's.

    My wife, now a " spiritual widdow" is overlooked in answers to the WT study, receives minimal help, has to grovel for things from elders and made to feel second-rate. Pioneers and Elders always come first. Other older SISTERS, in particular say the same.

    Love? Dont make me laugh!

  • punkofnice

    BB - It angers me how they treat people like this. There is no love in that cult....just hatred.....and it filters down from the governing body.

  • LV101

    The 'IN' families clearly rule! I heard/experienced matters that were unreal. They'd call me to schmooze when they needed free legal -- so I could just 'run' their legal problems by my husband. Unreal/NEVER AGAIN! They need a criminal lawyer inside each hall as house counsel. You can't believe what I heard and I'd warn them not to discuss with me -- it's unethical and I can't know about it! I was having enough issues myself with god's people much less the schools, ex-mates, gawd knows what else.

    One PO could't be around his high school teens without being chaperoned -- per court order! Ex-wife had too many black eyes! He was always preying on the young girls, elder's daughter having abortions, elder's son kicked out of school for ripping blouse off of innocent girl. This was the 'IN' crowd at hall -- and I mean serious power in that bunker hall.

    One filthy, corrupt, real estate co.

  • punkofnice

    LV101 - They all seem so obsessed to a morbid degree with sex.

  • FedUpJW

    I don't think you have the full story. Unless you were on the Judicial Committee there is no way you could. Confidentiality is of paramount importance, and he cannot foll Jehovah's Holy Spirit. No one can!

    First of all, the word is FOOL (you should know that from looking in the mirror!) not FOLL.

    And second, if someone claims there is not nepotism in congregations they are either naive, or they are a liar! Which are you?

  • punkofnice
    Feddy - Which are you?

    I think our little friend Jtroll is not a genuine poster. I recon they are some bored couch potato that decided to go a'trollin'.

  • mentalclarity

    When you have three imperfect people deciding someone's fate based on how repentant (and how that manifests itself in individual people) of course things like a nepotism or familiarity with the family will effect the outcome. We all know judicial meetings are not infallible- there's been so many horribly botched up ones.

    I personally managed to stay on the fringes of the religion for many years because of nepotism. There also exists alot of elitism and classism in congregations. Alot of upper middle class baptized JWs that I know went to college and married non-jws without too much drama from elders.

    The idea that JWs are this type of perfect utopian society on earth where everything is just and fair is so far from reality. It's just like everywhere else- it's all about who you know and your connections.

  • punkofnice
    Menty - The idea that JWs are this type of perfect utopian society on earth where everything is just and fair is so far from reality.

    When you're a jobo and this dawns on you, it's blummin' shocking.

  • LV101

    Punk - I know. It's sad -- I felt sorry for their children even when in trouble. They didn't have good role models to begin with (not all, of course - some very good parents among the wolves) or healthy parameters. Poor children didn't have healthy opportunities in sports, dance, music - not good! The 'IN' crowd I was subjected to were incorrigible individuals who had attained power inside (from the power boys) and their children part of their environ. Bunch of houlihan/thugs that had learned to be on stage. Their children duplicate copies. I didn't want my child, nephew, niece around them because of bullying, being cussed out in PE class daily by child/grandchild of lead family with serious, city-wide power - nepotism stacked from top to bottom in hall(s). Mentioned to her hard-liner mother and total denial! That's when I said the brat is not allowed in my home ever again. Oh that went over well -- that was just the start! Never had problems with the "worldly" children in schools, outside dance studios (no JWs there, fortunately!) - hard working, responsible, parents trying to teach their children discipline, morals. It was horrifying!

    Even infant/physical, abuse, situation - elder informed baby's mother/grandmother "Jehovah forgives" - really?!! That did me in - I've still not recovered. Perpetrator unrelated to 'IN' crowd but nonetheless. Heard one too many JW tell me they were sexually abused growing up as JW and still associated with the cult -- striving for power inside - very affected adults. Sad/pathetic. No wonder the cult leaders are against mental health professionals and police authority involvement. You can't believe what the juvenile courts were dealing with in relation to JW cases - (I have family/friend employed there). Cult's clergy class a worthless joke in that arena, also.

  • punkofnice
    LV - Cult's clergy class a worthless joke in that arena

    Very aptly put.

    there are many damaged individuals leading the sheeple.

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