Things JW's and Atheists have in common

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  • juandefiero

    I was just thinking about something someone said on another thread. To paraphrase, 'JW beliefs like there being no hellfire, immortal soul, the condition at death...have the ring of truth.'

    I realized, atheists believe these things too!

    So, what do atheists and JW's have in common?

    1. No belief in a Fiery Hell or place of divine torment

    2. No belief in an immortal soul or a soul separate from the body

    3. Both believe that when you die, you're cease to exist

    What other things can you come up with?

  • Phizzy

    Generally, most Atheists, like most JW's, don't believe in Fairies, Goblins or Unicorns.

    But some do.

  • slimboyfat
    JWs are materialists which explains why many ex-JWs fall so easily into dogmatic atheistic materialism when they leave JWs. It's ironic that militant atheist ex-JWs who adopt this position don't seem to appreciate how little they've actually travelled in their thinking.
  • bobingersoll
    As an atheist, I generally don't believe, I conclude, based on the preponderance or lack of convincing evidence. Not sure if that makes me "militant" or not.
  • cofty
    SBF is trolling, just ignore him or humour him but on no account attempt to use facts. They don't exist in SBF's world.
  • Ucantnome

    It's ironic that militant atheist ex-JWs who adopt this position don't seem to appreciate how little they've actually travelled in their thinking.

    A university lecturer said similar to me

  • bohm


    Well, half of them anyway...

  • Clambake

    I have often thought that jehovah witnesses on the surface appear christian but when you dig deeper it seems to be this incredibly complex bamboozle to disprove all the basic tenents of the Christian faith.

    I think once you finally see though the stupidity of it it leaves incredibly hurt and frustrated. It's almost like it was designed to make you an athiest right from the beginning.

  • cofty

    Ex-JW Christian

    • Still values faith over evidence
    • Still believes in a creator god
    • Thinks the bible is inspired of a deity
    • Makes excuses for the disgusting ethics of the OT
    • Needs the promise of eternal reward/punishment to find purpose in life
    • Makes ethical decisions based on authority
    • Views all of humanity as fundamentally flawed and sinful
    • Sees the human race in terms of god's buddies v the rest
    • Still waiting for some miraculous intervention from an invisible deity

    EX-JW Rational Person

    • None of the above
    • Values evidence
    • Rejects belief in all supernatural beings
    • Accepts that this life is the only one we will ever have and is ok with that
    • Is committed to human endeavour to improve the world
    • Makes ethical decisions based on reason and consequences

    An ex-JW christian has simply changed one set of superstitions for a slightly different set.

  • coalize

    Yes, juandefiero, JWs have some points in common with atheists...

    But they still have far more numerous common points with Islam or another christian churches...

    And if some become militant atheist when they leave the Borg, I really don't agree with the sayings of the "there is no fact" guy... because what he say is never a fact...

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