Is Stephen Lett an alien imitation?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I've been watching quite a bit of GB member Stephen Lett on youtube recently (no, I'm not thinking of going back to the JWs).

    I just find him compulsive viewing, like when people slow down to see a car crash. I find his facial expressions and intonation spell-binding.

    It reminds me a bit of John Carpenter's The Thing, a film where an alien life-form infects a host and imitates it, spreading throughout camps of remote workers in the Antarctic. If I were a Bethelite living in close proximity to Lett, I'd be thinking about giving him the blood test to see if he was normal, lol.

    Why does Lett speak in public the way he does? Is he a frustrated actor? Does he genuinely believe his audience have the listening and mental capabilities of five year olds? Or is he just retarded?

  • jookbeard

    he certainly is a very strange man, a frustrated actor? with the personality and talent of a worm! retarded? I think so indeed, I believe he has a mental age of a 9 year old and certainly would have had/has SEN .

  • stuckinarut2

    I asked a good friend of mine (not a witness) to watch the March broadcast. I sent him the link.

    He texted me throughout it.

    The first text was "WTF? Is this for real, or a parody?"

    The next text was "Have you watched Forest Gump? This guy reminds me of him"

    Then he sent me a video of a Dutch musical group made up of people with intellectual difficulties....which he said Lett reminded him of.

  • punkofnice

    Even the 'faithful(tm)' find Lett weird.

    He also looks rather gaunt of late. Not that I care, this is a man that protects perverts.

  • NikL

    I read somewhere that he has a form of touretts syndrome.

    Totally unconfirmed though.

    My wife, a faithful Dub loves him. I find him annoying as hell.

  • nevermind

    Do you guys think that there might be a conspiracy theory behind why the WTS decided to lift the curtain and show the faces of these GB wackos to the public? Taken at face value, one might think that the WTS is stupid to broadcast these GB wackos, thereby destroying the mystery that had veiled the GB in the past. But then when you dig deeper into the effects of showing Tight Pants Tony and Lett to the public, you begin to see that the JWs with sense start to wake up and those "true believer" JWs drooling over these freaks. The conspiracy theory is that the WTS is deliberately doing this to separate the flock, getting rid of the JWs who are able to wake up from this spell. The diehard JWs can't be cracked of the spell they're under, not even with freaks like Tight Pants and alien Lett. That's how the WTS decepticon keeps crankin', even after over a century worth of stupidity. Its fuel is the stupidity of the rank and file and the formula is tested and proven

  • punkofnice

    nevermind - There is that idea, of course. But there's no ,money in that tactic.

    I personally think that the GB are so full of hubris that they went for the hero worship and rock star status that only their rank and file can give. I believe they love the lime-lite almost as much as they love themselves.

  • pale.emperor

    Why would you put this man on the stand?

  • sir82

    I read somewhere (on this site I think) many moons ago that he has a stuttering problem, and one of the suggested therapies for overcoming it is to exaggerate one's facial gestures while speaking.

    That is at least a rational explanation - I'd give it to him as the benefit of the doubt.

    If that's not it, if he's doing it "just because", well, then I'd say he's a stark raving loon.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    He speaks like that because one of his family members growing up had a hearing and speech problem. So he exaggerates his speech in because that is how he grew up so that, the family member could understand him.

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