The Great Tribulation must be at least 3 years away

by BourneIdentity 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Vidiot

    Ten bucks says they're refurbishing Patterson to flip it, and Wallkill won't be far behind.

  • Vidiot
    iwantoutnow - "One answer was the funniest... 'I hear that the GB feel Warwick will be the buildings that will make it through the big A'..."

    Thing is, she's heard right.

    The Org has, in fact, stated that it plans to be around to essentially govern the world post-apocalypse, with the Warwick compound serving as the de facto planetary capital.


  • tiki
    tiki was called "selective destruction" as I recall. They allegedly have mapped out roads and infrastructure that will remain unscathed so that their post Armageddon rebuilding will proceed smoothly.

    But don't get all excited about your new oceanfront property, because as in the flood topography likely will be altered. will not necessarily be yours to choose where you will all things must take place in an orderly fashion. So evidently those taking the lead will lovingly dole out property assignments.

  • sir82

    with the Warwick compound serving as the de facto planetary capital.

    That's going to be a pretty miserable place to live without electricity.

    Generators? Someone will have to produce oil, refine it, transport it, etc. Where does the power to do all that come from, with virtually all Armageddon survivors having only a high school education?

    Well, it may be a miserable place to live, but at least the windows will be clean.

  • Magnum

    What's going on with Patterson? Refurb, as Vidiot mentioned? If so, why does it need to be refurbed? How old is it? What's it used for now?

  • nowwhat?

    Magnum- even though Patterson is 30 years old. They say it needs a total "extreme makeover'! That will take 3 years to complete What a joke! So with the end minutes away they're going to burden the brothers with more requests for cash.?!

  • DesirousOfChange
  • notsurewheretogo

    I'm playing Devil's Advocate here but we all plan to live our lives until a ripe old age yet cater for a plan if we die unexpectedly.

    I see no difference in the WT applying that to their projects...they do their projects as they are made to last in this system yet they believe today may be the last day of world.

  • blondie

    Since the WTS is so fond of OT examplesl:

    Remember when the Israelites were released from the Persian power and allowed to return to Israel, they did not find homes and infrastructure, the fields had gone to weeds, the temple had to be rebuilt and they were living in tents, or so the story goes.

    Why does the WTS think that houses, places of worship, fields ready to be planted and soon food to eat?

  • Dagney

    I was wondering what was going on at Patterson. I just attended a memorial, and several couples said they put in their applications for Patterson. Ugh. Again, a perceived relevance that their efforts are important. Sigh.

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