Let's Be Honest - You or One of Your Ancestors Was an Idiot

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  • steve2

    Normal everyday intelligence has little to do with getting one's emotional needs met to the best of one's resources which can really make idiots out of the best of us. Think of intelligent men whose sex drives wreck their careers and intelligent women who submit to the most god-awful patriarchal religious groups.

    Besides, intelligence in fields such as medicine and architecture is a country mile removed from intelligence in critical thinking and having a skeptical inclination. You can be intelligent in one, idiotic in another.

    Moreover, the love of someone else can be all that is needed to do mental flipflops over religious upbringings. Look at JW-raised Janet Jackson's conversion to Islam - it helps her husband's a billionaire.

    By any standards, brains and religiosity are opposing but compelling forces, because in life the need to comprehend vies with the need for consolation.

  • sparrowdown

    Ahh, no need for pity, look on the bright side, at least now you can make a modest living out of all the past, present and future "idiots."

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't care for the "idiot" label even though I know what you are saying. My aunt went in to the JW's as a young college grad because the end of the world was coming. My mother got sucked in for the same thing.

    I am one of the big anomolies. I got away from it as a kid when Mom was DF'ed in 1976. She went back later but I did not. I have a never-JW dad, so I got a nearly normal teen life. I joined the military and then my life turned crazy due to an alcohol addiction. Following a suicide attempt, I turned to the only God I ever knew of, Jehovah.

    I feel "suckered" but intelligence is not the biggest factor.

  • JeffT
    More evidence of how powerful the WT's fear and guilt techniques can be.
    Spouses can't even be honest with each other about their own doubts.

    The story gets better, I've told this part before, I'll probably do it again. By the spring of 1988 I'd made my decision, I didn't want to be a JW. The final straw was a talk at the circuit assembly about the evils of education. I'd already been back to school to improve my life, and I didn't want my children to be incapable of anything more demanding than menial work. So I decided to start doing some research so I'd really have my ducks in a row, this led to a copy of CofC stashed under my side of the bed.

    One Sunday morning, after both of us said something like "I'm not feeling well, I think I'll stay home," I'm sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper. I look up and see my wife coming out of the bedroom with CofC in her hand. I have just enough time to think "this is where it hits the fan" when she grins and says "this is MY copy." She'd found mine and realized we were both reading it.

    At that point we were well on a way out, we went to the DC that summer with that idea of critically examining everything said. As a result, my wife wrote down the phone of number displayed by one of the protesters out front. Turns out he runs a support group of xJW's, which proved to be very helpful.

  • BluesBrother

    Dont call my Mother an idiot !

    She was contacted at her door. Why was it so appealing, I wonder?

    The "sister" was an extremely warm vivacious person and Mum was lonely ,shy with few if any friends. It was a ready made community to belong to with a lot more solid Bible instruction in those days, which suited her to a T.

    This was way before the 'net and the opportunities to easily check things out. I can see why she joined, and wanted to be a part of it . Like millions of others she died unaware of what we know today.....

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Simon '...How about you? Are you an idiot or the offspring of past idiots?....'

    In the 1950's my mother answered a door to a neighbour lady, a Jehovah's Witness. This woman spoke in a kind and loving way and showed a genuine interest in my mother. Mom had four young boys, all under 8 years old. Flash back a few years. Her husband had died in a fire, leaving his wife, my Mom and a young son, my older brother to fend for themselves. A horrible time for Mom. No family close to comfort her and support her. Catholic Priest tells Mom husband has gone straight to Hell as he was not a Catholic. How is this possible, such a good man went to Hell? Could not accept it. First husbands brother attends the funeral, never seen Mom before, [people got married quicker in the 40's/World War ll was over/people wanted to move on] husbands brother marries Mom and then has 3 more boys.

    Then a loving woman with a Bible in her hand shows her that her first husband, my Uncle, did not go to a burning Hell but was only sleeping until the resurrection. [This had bothered Mom for many years.] Mom agreed to a study, congregation supported her and helped her get to meetings, care for the kids, field service, assemblies to attend, new system just around the corner, etc,etc,etc, It made us special people on this earth. Mom and 4 boys all came into the 'truth' and were baptized. Not the husband but he was friendly with all and attended some meetings. A good man and good provider. Sunshine had started to shine on this woman's life. She now had something special she never had before. She belonged and her family was protected from future calamity coming upon this earth.

    So, Simon, when you ask if my Mom was an idiot I have to ask if you have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

  • jookbeard

    born in, 1966, my father was called on a few years before I was born, didn't show too much interest at the outset, then the fervour of the 1975 began, the rest is history

  • BlackWolf

    I'm a born in, though I don't consider my parents to be "idiots" necessarily. My dad was born in, and doesn't know anything else. My mom converted when she was a teen after her mom started studying. They were both abused as children and I can understand their need for hope. Neither have much for an education, though I don't think they are unintelligent. They have just been manipulated by their own fear clinging to the one thing that feels safe and familiar, the cult. They are very judgemental of everything and everyone and downright cruel at times, but I forgive them anyways. Brainwashing does that sort of thing to people I guess.

    As for me, I never really believed. It was just something forced on me. There were many times where I felt terrified of Jehovah and Armageddon, but I never felt like I loved god or had any kind of "relationship" with him. So I wouldn't consider myself an idiot either since I never really fell for anything.

  • Sorry

    My dad was the offspring of idiots, sad to say.

    My mom grew in a Pentecostal household. Her mom was a fancy hat wearing church lady to a T. Every Wednesday and Sunday, there front in center. The first thing she did every morning was read her Bible. She was quite a nice, loving sassy grandmother. Despite the fact that many of her kids (my mom included) became disillusioned with the church, she remained loving, and made an earnest effort to be in all of our lives. Not one day passed when Grammy would call my mom and her grandkids, reminding us that no matter what we said or did, she'd always love us. Even when my mom became a witness, that didn't deter her from keeping a relationship with her even if my mom more or less avoided her.

    My dad is quite a different story. He was raised in 'the truth'. At first his mother became a witness, then persuaded his father. To my understanding, my grandfather wasn't always the nicest. He was incredibly strict and corporate punishment was the norm (he once shoved his daughter down a flight of stairs because he caught her kissing a boy). My father and grandfather had a tumultuous relationship due to my father's heavy resistance to authority. Finally, my grandfather violently confronted my dad, and said he can either go to the meetings, or get out. My father left his house and became homeless (this was in '80 when shunning became heavily enforced).

    Fast forward to 2007, when we move close to my grandparents. My dad and grandfather hadn't spoken much in those 27 years. My dad always had a chip on his shoulder about that, thinking his father hated him and thought he was a failure. My mother was heavily disillusioned with church and had to adjust to not working anymore. By this time, my grandfather developed into a softer, gentler man and he was quite kind to his grandkids. He introduced us to his JW congregation and we loved all the nice people. Still, he'd make snide comments to my dad I didn't quite understand, like "The Prodigal Son finally returns, ready to make something of your life?" My mom liked that JW has answers she was looking for (like what happens after death), and my dad saw a way to finally get my grandfather's approval. Just as my dad was making progress, my grandfather died. My father was devastated and thought his father died thinking he was a 'Prodigal Son'. Then the witnesses taught him he'd see his father again in the new system, beaming with joy his son accepted the truth. The rest was history...

    So I wouldn't call them idiots, is just say they were vulnerable (my mom wanted to serve God, my dad wanted the love and admiration of his father).

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    I love this topic, thanks Simon, especially for this awesome site.

    I must agree because JW philosophy is quite idiotic.

    Myself and my parents, grandparents, ect. were/are idiots in the sense that they lacked the adequate skills and knowledge to avoid making a foolish mistake.

    Thus falling victim to cult promising a comforting but hollow future that helped them fill some need or took advantage of a broken past. I've noticed that most converts have had some form of traumatic or abusive past that damaged their psyche.

    But that is life in this world of light and illusions and here I am it's just what is.

    What I find infuriating is when someone notices something wrong and may even formulate a question but then never investigates or worse finds out the truth but ignores it. We'll never improve unless an error is called into the light of critical thinking.


    Mad world

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