Let's Be Honest - You or One of Your Ancestors Was an Idiot

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  • RubaDub

    When we had the Theocratic Ministry School, I always received a "G" on my Council Slip when I was working on "Idiocy."

    Rub a Dub

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    In the sixtys the threat of nuclear war was very real arms race MAD mutualy assured destruction Cuban missile crises people were building personal bomb shelters given instructions on how to survive many of us were conscriped when we turned 20 and sent over to Vietnam to be shot and killed The JW message was more along the lines of God will destroy those who are destroying the earth Now it's he will kill everyone who does not accept the orgs spirit directed claim to rulership PS all that worry about things over which we had no control achieved nothing except perhaps some of us now have a perfect hideout (bomb shelter) to grow and smoke pot

  • Scully

    There is a reason for why the WTS tells JWs to seek out people in a transitional or difficult point in their lives. It's because these individuals are in a psychologically vulnerable phase, and are more apt to be drawn in to the net of groups like JWs, Scientologists, Moonies, etc.

    For my family, it was moving across the country and having no friends or family members in our new community. The JWs came round (just as they had in Calgary) but instead of shooing them away like they had in the past, they talked to my folks about how there was so much pollution in the city, and that pollution was something quite shocking to my parents. Next thing you know, there's a Home Bible Studyâ„¢ at our house every week from The Truthâ„¢ book. The lack of close relationships in our new community, meant that the JWs soon became a source of social interaction, and there was nobody nearby with a vested interest in trying to snatch us out of the frying pan.

    I wouldn't say my parents were idiots, but I would say that their vulnerabilities were exploited.

  • flipper

    Good point Scully - the WT Society preys on people with vulnerabilities and hardships going on in their lives. My parents in the early 1950's were parents to 3 young children close in age ( I didn't come along till almost 1960 ) and they felt they needed some kind of what they thought was " stability " in their life- I guess for the young family. But what they got was a deceptive, lying mind control cult which dominated them for the next 60 years telling them how to live !

    It's like I wrote in a song I made last year " how can we blame ourselves when you know they told us lies, when people you're supposed to trust bring this big surprise " . As time has gone by I look at my parents this way- they, like other JW's REALLY didn't know what they are getting into initially because it's not until later once a person is in too deep that the deceptions and lies and strict policies dominate a person to the point where they can't breathe an ounce of freedom. WT promises " eternal life " ( lies ) , "never getting sick again " ( more lies ) , and " never growing old and dying " ( more lies ) and " Armageddon ( another lie ) - it goes on and on - yet due to the cult mind control and fear and manipulation these JW's feel they have nowhere else to go- when in reality they really DO have somewhere else to go - they are just too scared to leave the organization because it's all they have known.

    It's like a female who has been in an abusive relationship with a husband who beats her. WT beats up it's members mentally but they won't leave because it's a co-dependent relationship like a woman who refuses to leave physical abuse from a bad relationship. It's a negative thing in her and JW's life- but it's all they've known - so they become familiar or comforted even in a negative situation- strange but true

  • blondie

    My grandparents were the start of it all, they were young, married when she got pregnant, did not have the baby baptized, it died young and their non-jw relatives said it went to hell/purgatory. Bible Students dropped by and told them that was not true, that the baby would be resurrected and reunited with them in paradise.

    So their children were exposed and eventually became jws, and their children. Yes, jws are trained to look for sad moments in people's lives to tempt them to join.

  • Vidiot

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