The GB know it's all lies and wants to dismantle the WTS ... then what?

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  • smiddy

    As much as I would like #1 to happen , I can`t see it taking place., Look at the ridiculous beliefs / changes that have taken place since C.T.Russell through J.F.Rutherford , Knorr , and Fred Franz ,over the years , and their is still over 8 million active J.W.`s still peddling this crazy religion world wide .

    It would take more than an Atom . Hydrogen , Neutron , Bomb all combined to wake these people up .

    And the Governing Body know that , and there is no way they are going to give up the adoration and power they hold over these people .

    The G.B. are close to being worshipped by the rank and file members , as if they are sitting at the right hand of God , they are not going to give that up ? Not for anything.

    So the bottom line is , The G.B. is not going to dismantle the WTB&TS , not while there is still breath in their body.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    But how would most of the organization's members handle it if they suddenly learned everything they believed in is a lie? Would most give up on Christianity? After all, the outfit teaches some pretty harsh things against other Christians. If they die and suddenly realize they are spirits and not asleep, what would they think?

    Oh my gosh, I'm an anointed one! We don't die at death!

    Or would they look at their bodies on the slabs and think, Well, we were wrong about that!

    What would you do?

  • WireRider

    You can't just publish a Watchtower saying "we were wrong" because that would be irresponsible

    It would be more responsible than perpetuating a lie

    During the centuries of organized religion that humans have had on Earth, has anything close to this ever happened? Not to my knowledge.

    What centuries? The Watchtower is only a 100 year old infomercial scam. It is not a centuries old religion in the nature of 2000 Christians, or really in the nature of anything - I think Kraft Mac and Cheese has been around longer than the Watchtower. Russell, who never passed the 7th grade, wanted to debate the word "cross" with the religion of people that actually stood there and watched. And promptly used donation money to vacation on Egypt to claim the absolute end of the World based on his measurements of a Pyramid. After a long weekend of Dungeons and Dragons he promised promised promised scared people that the World would end in 1914. Russell, who never passed the 7th grade, openly preached that everyone, including over 2000 years of Christians, who WERE THERE, were TOO STUPID to understand the Bible without his help and his self self-written set of 7th grader set of encyclopedia manifests. I can't believe people were so stupid to buy "BUY" into his bullshit.

    I in no way believe there have ever been 8 million Watchtower zombies. It is a marketing scam. They claim 200,000 followers in some obscure country - who would ever know. They pocket the money and fake numbers. They claim 100s of thousands of people that they already "disfellowshiped" and destroyed their families. They claim infants they they claim to have baptized without consent. I think it is more that there HAVE been 8 million total who every joined - most of which have died off.

    Where is the money everyone gives them? Follow the money. Where is it. Prove they are world wide - more than just for show. They don't get involved and help ANY of the communities they infest - tax free. Termites are less offensive in terms of being annoying and financially draining of communities and tax lie squatters.

  • WireRider

    Cold Steel - The Watchtower, and their tax shelter the Jehovah Witnesses, are not Christians. They preach against the divinity of Jesus and rail against Christians in an oddly AnitChrist way that forbids them from even setting foot in a "Church" - or they will burn.

    There are many true Christian Churches that would be grateful to welcome you. Christian Churches that have NEVER disfellowshiped anyone ever. Free to come an attend as much as you want or a least as you want. No one narcs on each other for not following "rules". They NEVER destroy families out of an outright sense of insecurity that people may find out the truth and leave. Christianity doesn't work that way. Even fake religions that don't believe in Jesus "we jest act a lot like him" don't work that way. Name for me ONE person Jesus disfellowshipped!

    Imagine. Christianity. No Bullshit. No politics. No punishment. Rules are up to your faith.

    That's a Church I grew up in.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    This would be a fairly simple problem to solve. Over the course of a couple of years they could phase out the term F&DS and slowly stop being so authoritarian about everything. The second step would be to hand over more power to individual congregations and make almost everything a "conscience matter". The final phase would be shutting down the various headquarters, retiring the organisational name "Watchtower", and having each Kingdom Hall operate with autonomy under the umbrella term of "Jehovah's Witnesses" much like the the Methodists Church does.

  • WireRider

    I will go to my grave knowing that people that believe what the Watchtower says is the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. The biggest scam in history. Stealing money and destroying families. Where is your donated money today? Helping your community or buying stock? For who?

    Oh my gosh, I'm an anointed one! We don't die at death!

    A) The canonized Bible does have two sections that describe 144,000 - a foundation of WT/JW gross perversion that somehow people believe. THE BIBLE SAYS 144,000 ARE CHOSEN. 12,000 FROM EACH OF THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL. Are you Jewish? Are you one of the 12 tribes of Israel? I didn't think so.

    B) The WT/JW have absolutely no connection with GOD. They don't have any say so what so ever in GODs name. They have no authority at all to say who is chosen or not. What gullible people believe them. Each and everyone of you have exactly the same authority to bless or designate "chosen people" as the highest ever GB or WT or JW.

    What scares me is that there are people that have been in the cult for a generation or two. It's not that old. But they genuinely believe the bullshit. They grew up in the bullshit. The creators of the scam are dead - but the brainwashed people will keep going because they don't know the truth - they have never known the truth or the scam. They will fight for it and destroy friends, neighbors, families, siblings, and parents to protect their "rules". Rutherford was a fanatical fan of Hitler for propaganda and mind control. He wrote fan letters to Hitler. The WT/JW is no different that the Hitler Youth program. Free labor - dedicated - labor force - self policing - and FEAR of non-compliance. Sound familiar?

  • WireRider

    The truly humane thing to do is for the Watchtower to forbid disfellowshiping people.

    I honestly believe that half the people would just walk out the door and never go back.

    All those people that feel trapped - ONLY go to not break up their family - NOT loose friends. How many of their claimed 8 millions people desperately want out? How many are just afraid the person next to them will "turn them in"

    When 7 million walk out without fear of retaliation from the Watchtower - the rest will finally question their belief in False Prophets that are only there to scam their money.

    There are true Christian Churches that have been here for 2000 years. They don't require timecards. They don't require service - although it is greatly welcomed for however much time you care to be a part. They don't require your money, but it is welcomed, and they will openly show you were it goes and how it actually helps real people. They don't annoy the hell out of communities by having slaves and their money, going door to door to con other people in to being slaves and a new revenue source (it might be nice if JW went door to door about religion - but that has never been true - the Watchtower is only interested in free slaves recruiting more free slaves and financial resources to drain).

    Time cards???? Are you kidding me?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    The easiest way to dismantle the watchtower is call it something else...but do it in stages.

    To start with...create a new trade mark...for instance..


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    IslandMan and Simon,

    Thanks for mentioning the Worldwide Church of God / Grace Communion International.

    Never heard of them before.

    Two things I find very interesting about this group are:

    • Their official apology for previously held beliefs now deemed wrong. A still in dear friend of mine claimed the FDS did apology for 1975 and 1914 expectations, and quoted me some examples. I asked him where the sincere apology from the FDS is, where they take full responsibility instead of blaming others. The WCG/GCI example shows how it could/should be done.
    • Some of their new beliefs are the direct opposite of what they previously believed. They taught only they had the truth, all other churches were evil Satan stuff. Now they embrace other churches as being true. Yes, these changes cost them 50% members, but they're still there. And so will the Watchtower for many years. WCG/GCI doctrinal changes prove that no sudden change in doctrine, no scandal can be big enough to open everyone's eyes. Let's just hope we can get the ones we love to wake up...
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    As someone said "World wide church of God" in the late 1990's new leader tache abandoned all the foundation teachings like no trinity or life after death. This lead to a huge explosion, 100 splinter groups, all colleges, airplanes and other assets were liquidated. This has never happened since Rutherford robbed Russells president position.

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