Anyone read the latest Awake (on the supernatural)?

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  • blondie

    I remember an elder's family that went to Disney World for a month at a time for winter break, 4 kids. No meetings, just a so-called family WT on Sunday for an hour, self-reported.

    In his talks he would say that DW was the closest thing to god's kingdom on earth, not kidding. But his family and money and prestige in the non-jw community.

    Could never understand how the witches in the Disney sphere were acceptable to him and other jws in our congregation but that LOTR and Harry Potter were evil.

    Witch in Image result for sea witch in little maidmermaid movie (Ariel)

  • ttdtt

    I have to say one of the scariest movies I have ever seen what "The Decent"

    I also love "Race with the Devil" 70s movie that scared me as a kid.

  • Spoletta
    The original "Haunting of Hill House" terrified me. Very sparing use of special effects, but masterful build-up to leap from your seat moments.
  • stuckinarut2

    Um, hang on now!
    If the society really wants to ban all such stuff, then there is an abundance of "horror and violence" within the BIBLE itself!

    Have they just forgotten that stuff?

  • redpilltwice

    Me and my wife enjoy "The Walking Dead" and we're not the only ones. Seven seasons already!

  • smiddy

    The Old Testament covers 4000 years of jewish history/religion and their on again off again relationship with the Almighty God Jehovah , yet in Jewish theology their is no concept of a fallen Angel named Satan that was misleading Jews in their 4000 years interacting with the Almighty God Jehovah /Yahweh.

    None of the Bible writers in the Old testament whether they be scribes minor prophets or major Prophets that have actual dealings with GOD or his Angels ever allude to a fallen Angel named Satan as a cause for their falling out of favour with God.

    It is a completely new out of left field view that is new to the New Testament with no basis in the Old testament.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    Phizzy16 hours ago

    The JW Org Cult is full of Mediaeval superstitious nonsense.

    Satan is used as a tool to instill fear, i.e "Stay away from anything demonic, or you will stop serving Jehovah".

    It's totally messed up my mom's life.

    She bought a house about 17 years back and intended to live in it for the rest of her life. For years everything was cool until she started hearing things. She thought it was demons, but it sounded to me like rats were living in the walls and perhaps some raccoons were squatting in the basement. Then there were some electrical problems, which she blamed on demons, though I convinced her to get an electrician over there (he fixed it).

    But things just got worse from there. She says the demons would not only make noises, but pull the covers off her at night. Then they possessed a bed in another room and caused it to jump up and down. She eventually put the house up for sale and moved into an apartment. Since she had already gotten a reverse mortgage on the place and wasn't living there anymore, the bank only gave her a limited amount of time to sell it. When it didn't sell within their time frame, it went into foreclosure and my mom lost everything!

    My mom still lives in her apartment and guess what? The demons have followed her. They tried to kill her recently by causing a light fixture to fall and nearly miss her head. One also tried to possess her by entering her mouth when she yawned, but she coughed the demon out (no kidding!).

    I don't know what to believe. Maybe she's just nuts or maybe there really is something going on; probably a little bit of both. What I do know is that none of this would have happened if the Watchtower hadn't fostered fear of demons in someone as gullible and emotionally vulnerable as my mom. It's criminal! It's like telling a child who trusts you 100% that if she doesn't do as she's told, the boogie man will eat her!

    My mom had it good! She was retired, paying no mortgage, and actually getting paid by the bank just to live in that house. Now all she has is social security and a $500 a month rent that she will have to pay until she dies.

    Thanks a lot Watchtower.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "Drag Me to Hell" and "The Sixth Sense" are two goodies.

  • blondie

    I liked Sixth Sense...seen as a jw.

  • ttdtt

    Im done with Walking Dead after the season 7 opener.
    THought it was just disgusting - Violence porn.

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