Anyone read the latest Awake (on the supernatural)?

by LoveUniHateExams 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    You do realize that the Awake is aimed at the non-jw public at least officially. The WTS would never put info in their for the point of view of a jw.

  • schnell
    You do realize that the Awake is aimed at the non-jw public at least officially. The WTS would never put info in their for the point of view of a jw.

    Which puts it in Jack Chick territory.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Thanks for the movie Schnell. It reminded me of why I chose the dark side all those years ago and never looked back.

  • schnell

    Glad you enjoyed it, Rainbow_Troll.

  • Xanthippe

    Kids forbidden to watch Harry Potter. My daughter read all the books and loved them. What a horrible thing to do to kids, separate them from all their friends who are reading the books and going off to see the films. These kind of rules prove it's a cult.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    How's this for a Satanic horror story:

    A freaky divine being wreaks revenge on all of mankind because they refused to listen to his slaves on planet Earth.

    With his supernatural powers he murders the lot of them, except his slaves, it's a grisly scene with the majority of mankind, rotting and putrefying everywhere you look. Birds peck out the eyes of the dead and wild animals feast on their flesh. Clouds of flies darken the heavens while the corpses heave with maggots. The stench is overpowering but the demented slaves dance about in triumphant joy, their god hero has brought retribution to their enemies-- even though the death roll includes children, parents, family and neighbours.

    So this is ok is it? But film fantasy is suspect!

  • pale.emperor

    Schnell, gotta love Jack Chick in all his crazy glory.

    My whole family has lots of demonic stories and experiences - but when you press them for details they contradict themselves. I stopped believing in the supernatural after reading Derren Brown's Tricks Of The Mind. He debunks all of that. Now i think to myself, if anything supernatural did happen to me I'd claim James Randi's $1m prize money. So far, nothing has come up.

    My family used to say having any other bible translation outside the NWT would bring demons in. Also, second hand clothes, Harry Potter DVDs, books on conjuring tricks etc. Which is strange because my home is full of Hindu idols and so far i haven't had a sniff of a demon. Slept like a baby since the day i left the cult actually.

  • WTWizard

    Have fun proving that Satan is going to harm me to my satisfaction. If Satan won't even acknowledge me, I don't think He is going to do anything. Rather, joke-hova and its filthy angels do the attacking and blame Satan, and stop only when you step back in line. Only to attack later, when they want even more out of you at that time.

    In fact, just about every Satan threat the washtowel has made has proven totally false. They threatened with "evil disco that leads to fornication"--leading me to picking up more than 600 disco records. (Many of them pirated long versions not available for purchase.) No fornication resulted. And my Ouija board did not lead Demons to do anything. Even though I got it for the crapmorial in 2006. I have had fortunes told, horoscopes cast including full astrological charts, visited many a blatant Satan worship site on purpose and with the intent of doing things therein (including learning that Satan does not approve of pointless animal sacrifices),and even bought items that were commonly used in Satanism. Nothing happened. Thus, have fun with that one on me, washtowel.

  • Londo111

    JWs have been made to be very superstitious. Satan is such a huge object of fear in the JW mind that he is almost a secondary god in the pantheon that must be taken into appeased so as not to draw his wrath: "don't pray aloud your weaknesses, Satan will hear it and use it against you. Don't watch that book, movie, tv show, otherwise the demons will think you are interested in them."

    Often, a scary story is crafted to invoke fear, as it is designed to do. Sometimes that mere emotion is equated with demons.

    I remember at a Circuit Assembly one experience was given of giving up reading Agatha Christie mystery novels. Afterward, a friend who also read Agatha Christie had a nightmare that night. Of course, the only logical explanation: DEMONS! He gave up reading Agatha Christie.

  • Phizzy

    The JW Org Cult is full of Mediaeval superstitious nonsense.

    Satan is used as a tool to instill fear, i.e "Stay away from anything demonic, or you will stop serving Jehovah".

    How childish this silly cult is !

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