Gas Pump "Witnessing"....Is this a thing?

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  • PaintedToeNail

    It is a vulnerable situation to be in, standing out in the open with a financial instrument, cash, debit card, credit card or whatever and having a complete stranger accost you. What a violation of personal safety and privacy. You can't escape immediately because you need to fill your car, so you are forced to listen to a lunatic ramble about religion. Just lovely. How encouraging.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **You can't escape immediately because you need to fill your car, so you are forced to listen to a lunatic ramble about religion**


    OMG, I could never have said that better!!!!!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    In my area L.A Calif we have the largest homeless population, why not

    spend time with those folks. Give them some words of encouragement, that is

    where they should focus their time, you can walk for blocks downtown L.A. and

    see folks living on the street. The bible said Jesus preached to the needy not someone

    who drove up a golden chariot, (car today).

    I'm sure they reason let the government take care of the homeless , I pay my taxes.

  • Tenacious

    This thread reminded me of well, me.

    I'm guilty of approaching people at gas stations trying to get them to think about God.

    I never stalked people I would just politely engage people while I pumped my own gas.

    The Witchtower is so desperate and publishers with little to no privileges are seizing this opportunity to report tracts on their field service report and make them look good to the body of maggots. This coupled with the web link pointing counting as one placement as well.

    This is what its come down to. Oh, I'm sure Christ is smiling down at these morons.

  • blondie
    When I pioneered it was a way to extend your time; stations were open late, some 24 hours and were slow and the attendant was bored. You could tack on a couple of hours that way. It wasn't something the ordinary rank and file did that had no hour goals.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Something I was told many, many years ago back in the early 1990's. I was told by a C.O., his wife and couple of Reg Pioneers would actually count ''waving'' at someone as an R.V. who they saw when they were driving somewhere.
  • steve2

    No one else has raised the issue of the legitimacy or otherwise of this sort of practice at gas stations.

    For starters, I can picture a JW doing a one-off approach to a customer at a gas station - over and done in less than a minute and then on their way.

    But to actually park closeby and systematically approach customers at such a site strikes me as unbelievably obstructive, to say nothing of why management would tolerate such intrusions.

    Quite apart from safety concerns (gas stations are potentialy hazardous places and in this current time of crazy religious zealots prepared to die to terrorize the public), I would have thought customers would be pretty jumpy if a stranger accosts them at a gas station to hand them religious stuff.

  • sparrowdown

    Gas pump witnessing- orange mocha frappuchino anyone?

  • smiddy

    I can never forget an Elder who was complaining about the Mormons who kept coming to his door and trying to convert him , ( they must have seen him as a potential convert ) yet he never twigged that householders viewed us in the same way.


  • nevaagain

    In my former congregation a brother and me used to do something similar. We would take the teritories that would be the farthest away from where we lived. Sometimes up to a two hours drive. We would then make the occasional stop on a highway restaurant and would witness to the truck drivers making a stop there. This way we counted the whole jurney. btw he was a pioneer ;-)

    On the topic of time counting and pioneers. I once went with a pioneer in service and at the end we got hungry so we went into a fast food restaurant. He got his food first and went straight to the table which was the farthest away from the entrance. Also in the fast food restaurant there were almost no other customers. What did he do? He put a watchtower out on the table and was counting time! Nobody passed our table!!! NOBODY! But he still counted the one hour. I made a comment to him about that, but some pioneers are so arrogant, a normal publisher cant tell them anything.

    I am still a witness, so everytime someone tells me I am not making enough hours, I tell them stories like these from pioneers and shut them off.

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