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  • punkofnice
    punkofnice think about how the congregations actually function....even down to the individual level.

    The biggest bully on the BOE (or his wife), controls the show.

    Ones within the congregation are treated like they're dirt and still they return. Stockholm syndrome?

    I've heard ones say that 'Jehovah(tm) will sort it all out.' I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel about that one!

    The bullying and passive violence filters down from the top. I've only met a handful of COs that seemed genuine, in all my 50 years in the corporation. Most COs seem to be company men that enjoy power, bullying and scrounging from others.

    What am I trying to say? I wonder why more don't just say, 'fe6k you eejits!' and just walk away. I should have but the pull of family and mind cleansing(tm 1953) kept me thinking it was the right religion.

    I'm hoping with the governing pope body being visible that it's obvious to the r&f that they are being controlled by insane, gluttonous bullies.

    Rant over....but not complete......just blurting some stuff......

  • kramer
    I guess if it was like that, but I have been in 7 congregations so far, and never seen that ... Maybe I have just been lucky
  • OneEyedJoe
    What am I trying to say? I wonder why more don't just say, 'fe6k you eejits!' and just walk away. I should have but the pull of family and mind cleansing(tm 1953) kept me thinking it was the right religion.

    Looks like you answered your own question.

    It is amazing, though, that you've got 8 million people all under the assumption that the problems they see are merely local aberrations and not characteristic of the whole.

  • punkofnice

    kramer - As an elder I saw the rotteness, especially the vitriol that was spouted at the elder meetings. despicable.

    OEJ - Yes. I agree. Somehow the unacceptable behaviour of those that should know better is trivialised in the mind.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yep, it's weird.

    I was just talking to my BIL who is a MS and he sees all the hypocrisy and bullying going on, and somehow manages to turn it all around in his head to be some sort of heroic struggle he must endure to stay faithful to Jehovah.

  • punkofnice

    Brekky - That's how it is, I guess.

    One cannot see anything bad in the leaders and those above. To do so would be to question invisible magic sky daddy himself. Yup, very cult!

  • Tenacious
    The GB have conditioned the minds of members to believe without a doubt that they are God, represent God, and speak for God. The GB no longer openly admit this but if you notice in the literature and talks, all the praise and credit is given to Jehovah for the information being disseminated, spoken, printed, preached, and spread. Hence the name Jehovah's Witnesses. The line has become blurred and in the member's mind they can no longer differentiate between God and the GB. There is no difference, they are one in the same. Let me give you an example of how the GB uses this sinister tactic. The recent release of the tract "Return to Jehovah". Notice the wording? In effect, they are saying it, without actually saying it, that the member so long as they remain outside of the Organization, they have no relationship with God. Quite sinister, right? And those members that are much older and have too much to lose, family whatnot, and entire social life revolves around the witness community, what options do you think they'll choose? Hope this helps.
  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    I totally agree. I look back at what I went through and am so mad at myself for allowing myself to be treated like dirt.

    I just cannot understand why I took all that garbage. It was so soul crushing.

  • Finkelstein

    The bullying and overextending power and control is always identify as Jehovah's spiritual guidance.

    Jehovah's loving provision, the MS have the littlest and the GB members have the most of it.

    Jehovah's will and purpose for his earthly arrangement etc

    With that engaging pretense the power of the GB down to the lowly MS is what this organization is structured upon.

    Its becomes ridiculous in this formulated presence that the Watchtower Corporation is Jah's earthy

    publishing Corporation with Jehovah's utmost backing.

  • Spiral

    Hey Punk ~ Yep, just saw an example of this today. Apparently the day's text is warning people that they better be on God's (read: GB) side or you will DIE. I'd look it up but I don't want to lose my breakfast.

    So, the conversation went on to say that even though there is trouble in the congregation, with this one, because of bullying from that one, not being as loving as before, etc., at least you're not with worldly people! (I thought they were losing that term, anyway.......) So, as poorly as you're treated inside, at least you're not OUTSIDE. (No escape!!!)

    This from a couple of overly controlled, don't think for themselves, look to the brothers for guidance type middle aged sisters.

    I excused myself to go to work ;-) lol

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