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  • punkofnice

    Tenny - You're right. God = GB(Guardians Of Doctrine) = God = ad infinitum. Good point!

    LITS2 - I am with you on that one. Those bullies enjoyed their power and we let them. I have some serious punching up the bracket to catch up with!

  • Finkelstein

    But in honest reflection all of this structured power and control comes to the WTS corporation promotion of fear, ignorance, judgment, guilt and superstition. Fear being the most potent.

    All those particular elements compose why and how this organization kept itself going.

    The WTS succeeded in lying and deceiving people by presenting a face of righteous empathetic virtue.

    Fooled a few to be sure but didn't toward many more.

  • punkofnice

    Finky - You're absolutely right. The loving provisions are not very loving to anyone with a sense of their human rights. May the GB suffer badly...if I believed in Karma...which I don't.....

    Spiral - I've seen this over and over again. Bleedin' window cleaners weilding absolute authority because they're parroting alliegence to the paedophile protecting GB. Sickening.

  • Landy
    There was a funny congregation near me that was run by an elder on a power trip (he was a DO, got DF then reinstated), they used to sit down to sing the songs, then stand up for the announcements - all most peculiar.
  • punkofnice

    Landy - Just goes to show........the biggest bully gets the power.

  • Incognito

    It is amazing, though, that you've got 8 million people .... - OEJ

    So WT claims.

    With declining attendance observed in many developed nations as especially evident in memorial attendance, unless the new converts in third world nations greatly exceed the ones leaving, I suspect the 8+ million members reported, is an exaggerated number.

  • punkofnice
    Incog ... Yes. I wonder what the real numbers are?
  • jookbeard
    agree there Punky along with CO's have we all here ever met a group of arrogant, self serving,haughty, jumped up, judgmental pair then the PO and CO? they dont function though do they, they are mere springboards for their lives and views, how many are being disbanded and merged ? they are not even surviving, they are dying long slow deaths.
  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds

    I feel sorry for all the poor children who are at the bottom of the jw hierarchy who get disciplined (abused) because of the pressure there parents are under from the org.

    as pink floyd said "Hay stressed jw parents leave your kids alone"

  • flipper

    PUNK- I'm right there with you my friend. I agree with every word in your opening post. I as well was an eyewitness firsthand of this bullying that goes on inside congregations as my own dad was a City Overseer for years. I can't tell you how many rank & file JW's were intimidated by this man. Just his overly serious demeanor or way he carried himself authoritatively intimidated people. I was never intimidated by him whatsoever - he looked at me as his " rebel " son- one reason I still don't get along with him to this day even though he's 90 years old. He doesn't like me because I'm NOT intimidated by him ! LOL. I expose the shit he pulls on people through the years and he can't stand that I'm honest to a fault. But I saw lots of other elders and D.O.'s and C.O.'s this way also.

    I agree with you - I truly believe many JW's suffer the " Stockholm Syndrome " as they are unwilling to call to account their WT Society slave drivers for the crimes they commit against children with child abuse lawsuits out the ying yang going on. Rank & file JW's just make excuses, " Jah will handle it " . Yeah right. Jah must not have much power then because thousands of JW kids are getting raped each year- it still continues. And JW's basically keep making excuses for it. Thus rank & file JW's become complicit IN those crimes because they stay stuck in the Stockholm Syndrome aiding and abetting WT leaders who DO allow the crimes ! It's a criminal organization run by criminals protecting criminals. Take care Punky Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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