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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Absolutely, Flipper....... Next time I hear, "Jehovah will take care of it in his due time" I will reply, "that is just an excuse for people not doing the right thing." "Determinism" "Kill 'em all, (Armaggedon) let God sort them out"

    It's time to learn a new way of thinking.

  • Xanthippe

    I think a lot of people from financially poor backgrounds with little education, like my family, are very impressed by all the swanky buildings and shiny new things. Broadcasts, video links at KHs and conventions. My sister said when we left but it must be the truth look at how Jehovah is blessing the building work. This was after years of her complaining about her horrible elders and wondering when something was going to be done about all the problems in the congregations. I said shiny buildings full of miserable people treating each other badly prove nothing.

    Since then I have been to the Vatican which proves my point but I enjoyed the art, which is why I went.

  • Finkelstein

    To summarize a definition of religion one could easy say the cultivation of self assuming power to consuming pretentiousness.

    That power can come in various forms and intensity to each religion.

    In the JWS religion it is quite strong and overwhelming in comparison to most others......there are actually worse if you can believe it. .

    Every adhered to member gets scrutinized deeply to what they are doing for the congregation and how your conduct supports the overall appealing image of the organization.

    Your essentially being designed and controlled to be God's own righteous representatives for the human race. How you are to dress, what and whom your to personal associate with, what are you reading, what are you observing as far as books and movies, your pursuit of education or even any involvement to other Christian based faiths.

    From that overall perspective is it any wonder that that power contained in certain people's hands gets overtly abused and brazenly extenuated ?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good thread.

    But I gotta say, it doesn't amaze me how the congregations function.

    It scares me that the congregations function. The WT seemingly has made an art form out of getting the dysfunctional to somehow function - everybody lets things tick over because the WT promises something better around the corner.

    It's sick.

  • Giordano
    The WTBTS recruits those to fill upper leadership roles among their psychopathic demographic.

    It amazes think about how the congregations actually function....even down to the individual level.

    The biggest bully on the BOE (or his wife), controls the show.....punkofnice

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  • punkofnice

    Good comments here, methinks.

    I see people I know (who are not allowed to talk to me now), going along with all the cult rules and regulations, giving their all for an ever changing pipe dream. They still remain and don't appear to question whether it actually Is the truth or not. It sickens me to my core to see them usde and abused by 7 gluttonous perverts in America.

  • Clambake

    When my son was born an elder and his wife that was part of the marking committee came over to my home to visit my wife and see the baby. Of course it was just the elders wife that first came to the door and later the elder when they found out I wasn’t home.

    Dam, I wished would have showed up. I would have loved to asked his wife a round of perverted questions and see how he liked it.

    “ How often do you fuck your husband? “

    “ What positions do you do it in ?“

    “ Ever toss a salad ?“

    I guess he is dying of cancer so how even can a guy get but man but how delusional do you have to be to serve an as elder. I just couldn’t believe the nerve of him showing up.

  • antes8080
    Stockholm syndrome at is best I also get amazed how many people get hurt from this so call religion. I also think it starts from the top from gb down they portrayed superiority and all the next minions do the same. If I had dollar for every time someone told me jah will sort it out, all be close to the power ball. At the end this kind of actions will be a big factor of their dimise
  • punkofnice
    anty - If I had dollar for every time someone told me jah will sort it out, all be close to the power ball.

    Same here.

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