Is All The Bad Publicity About The Watchtower Pedophile Lawsuits Causing Contributions To Nose Dive Worldwide?

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    the situation is no doubt far worse than the annually published yearbook figures show and so they ceased it's publication permanently.

    I wasn't aware the Yearbook was no longer going to be produced. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Finkelstein

    That's the latest word CL

    I wouldn't be surprised that they release a Elders Only Copy of the Year end numbers report around the world.

    Or post something online at Jworg.

  • Spiral

    I can't say that anyone in my Mom's congo (US) knows about the lawsuits. They are so busy trying to survive with little money, poor health, taking care of family members (elderly parents, family with chronic illnesses, etc.) that they can't see the forest for the trees. Not a lot of global thinking going on around here.

    Having said that, the exhaustion is palpable. There is no further money to give - I don't think there are any big contributors remaining. (Good thing I have my hands on the checkbook, there's nothing coming from us.) There is awareness that the "special people" in Warwick have beautiful lodgings and a care home and I think that is resented, quietly and anonymously. The thought that they've done all that and are now short of money would really trouble people here (who live such a modest life style) but they probably wouldn't admit it publicly.

    I haven't been approached or challenged in any way about my status, or asked for a contribution, or even about why I am (obviously) inactive. That tells me quite a bit.

    Question, though, do I understand from a previous post that Lett actually mentioned or hinted at legal costs in one of the broadcasts? Is he trying to cover the GB's collective backsides when even just the news about the lawsuits in California become more well known? I've been wondering when that would hit the collective consciousness of the US JWs.

  • sparrowdown

    Coded Logic re Yearbook.

    It was announced at the annual meeting.

  • Inside the tower
    Inside the tower

    Proof Jw.Org is a wealthy real estate developer. I regret to inform you that may realistically have over 50 billion in quantifiable assets and liquid capital. We must look at variables that have remained hidden prior to the Internet putting us on to them all at once. Before the simultaneous info, many would protest but we were quicky dismissed and donations continued, building groups still volunteered etc. Now we cause major disruptions in current revenue streams. But they had a 100 year headstart on all of us and they have multiple revenue astreams that act covertly. They are as follows

    1. Free land scouting from members who suggest prime locations .

    2. Tax free property aquisitions for ever.

    3. Free property aquisitions when member pay the mortgage through monthly world wide work donation.

    4. Free or fixed minimal cost construction for new buildings.

    5. Literature paid for by members. As they pick it up, they always pay. SIDENOTE: WT has one of the largest prnting operations in the world, their printing cost are minimal because of this and the Bethelites fixed cost.

    6. Repairs are often donated through Societys intricate construction network or done in house. Yet a donated repaving job is still charged to the congregation.

    7 The assemblies and conventions are designed for several purposes but one is a revenue stream. Notice how the amount of a deficit is small enough to move even the penny penchers to donate. If the number is too large ,JW research has found that the middleclass JW wont feel like they can help, so they wont give. In more affluent assemblies, the opposite is done.

    8. The death of baptized members creates a large amount of money for the org. Active JWs average a certain age upon death. The numbers are very specific and often spoken of during Bethel meetings. But if 10 elderly JWs die at that average age of natural causes, the Org can expect to see almost 3 of those have left the Org in their estate. The revenue of those 3 outweigh the other 7 substantially.

    9. Institutional stock purchases and hedge fund can take your donations and invest and wait for a 2% positive move in a stock and make millions in a day. They must report these investmenta but they use in house lawyers and shell corps and hundreds of LLCs to cover the paper trail. Lawyers will never divulge the info because of attorney client priv plus they only get one shell corp and the Org uses a Lawyers in the UK, asia, russia and the usa.

    10. Senior , homes ,

    11. Over purchase of land then subdivide

    12. Closing kingdom halls in prime locations and reopening them in the same cities .

    13. Opening 6 halls per week is 2000 per year. This is a money grab bcus, they have 98,500 others to dwal with while this one appreciates. It will be 10 years and a better maket b4 they get back to that one.

    14. There are many more money schemes that I have seen them commit and i could go on for days in this thread. BUT PLEASE DONT CALL THEM BROKE AND DONT CALL THEm A PUBLISHING CORP. THEY ARE VERY WEALTHY AND THEY ARE A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPING COMPANY with 98K PROPERTIES. If each property was conservatively underestimated at $200k each that would be OVER $19 Billion dollars! Dont give them a dime ! !

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Inside The Tower

    The WTS has been pressing for all trust owned Kingdom Halls to be titled over to the WTS.

    Think about how many Kingdom Halls there and you get the concept of just how rich the WTS is, not only in cash but in Real Estate holdings, its certainly in the billions now. $$$

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