Is All The Bad Publicity About The Watchtower Pedophile Lawsuits Causing Contributions To Nose Dive Worldwide?

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  • Finkelstein

    I wouldn't agree on that assertion because most JWS dont know about the Pedophilia coverup or the impending laws suits against the WTS.

  • Finkelstein

    One should keep in mind that JWS are indoctrinated to look at the world and of their organization like this......

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The average JW do not have a clue. When I mention it to my JW family, "it's a lie, LA LA LA can't hear you"..

  • LV101

    Are kingdom bunkers really only half full these days. This might be a revealing factor JWs contribution in US. I'm sure more hear about the pedophile cases in western Europe -- hopefully, US catches up.

    Can't believe contributions are up in Canada -- unreal.

  • All for show
    All for show

    I have been noticeable out to my family so they have tried to stop their Jw negativity talk in front of me. While i was PIMI, all the talk from our family, very large extended, was negative. Back in 2014, my dad and a few uncles/cousins, had already quit donating for years.

    Why? They were pissed off at the hypocritical stand of being told to live simply while the WT kept growing and investing in their empire. Emails went around highlighting the legal battles and the real estate sold. When the begging for money broadcast came out, these same men were filled with glee. Odd right? They are PIMI, yet, feel they have shown their loyalty over the years and think this 'new generation' of GB are apostates. Most the time they go to meeting to criticize the elders or the WT viewpoint. yet, they believe at the core the doctrine its truth.

    Mind boggling it certainly is. I feel from my families view years ago when they were so open and borderline apostates themselves yet not even knowing it, many may be so close to breaking the chains...its just going to take something big or even small...but something will snap for these "thinking class" JWS.

  • scratchme1010
    I think with all the child molestation lawsuits the Watchtower Corporation is and has been hit with is the main reason for all the prime property sell off recently. The Silent Lambs protest back in 2001, and the Dateline Prime Time expose probably was the death knell for the Watchtower's hey day in Brooklyn.

    I think that it's a combination of factors. The sexual abuse scandals raise awareness to the general public, but they have quite a few more issues to deal with, mostly consequential of their ridiculous business practices. Yes, the sexual abuse scandals puts them in a bad light to the general public, but they themselves are not exactly the most savvy people when it comes to properly running an organization. That is harming them too.

  • truthseeker


    I will shortly be working on a project to analyze all congregations in the U.K. and their contributions once the data has been pulled


  • shepherdless
    Truthseeker: I will shortly be working on a project to analyze all congregations in the U.K. and their contributions once the data has been pulled

    That would be fantastic. I have thought for a long while about doing that, but it is far too big a task for me. It should tell us a lot about the real financial position of Watchtower in U.K.

  • smiddy3

    I think this may be true with the younger generation 30-40 years old or younger, who have access to the internet on a daily basis and are more tech. savvy.

    And not so much with the older generation 50-60 year olds and above ,who are not likely to use the WWW so much and are indoctrinated to believe the GB as Gods spokesperson on the earth.

    Typical of many older gen of JW`s is the attitude of the Elder at the ARC when asked if he had been keeping up with what was going on at the ARC said words to the effect he doesn`t watch the news and no he didn`t know anything about what had already transpired during the commissions proceedings.

    Justice McClellan`s look of disbelief was classic.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    In my congregation, there are at least nine persons that I know of who have ceased giving any contributions. Of those nine, three hitherto gave to the congregation and the WT society. The overall amount given to the congregation is reduced such that it has to draw on its savings to meet expenditures. Its savings however, was reduced from £50,000 to £30,000 following the branch suggestion of donating the £20,000 "held by the society".

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