Is All The Bad Publicity About The Watchtower Pedophile Lawsuits Causing Contributions To Nose Dive Worldwide?

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  • freddo

    In the UK of course we have the great Chelmsford White Elephant being trumpeted on jborg and in letters - second only to the great Warwick White Mammoth. There is a focus for the money.

    So last year I believe (from the charity commission website) that donations (IBSA /Watchtower London) were well up.

    My guess in our hall of 80 is that there are 4/5 of us (nominally active) who talk quietly behind our hands and who I believe have stopped donating due to "generations", ARC, money grabbing, hall sell-offs. I guess there are a similar number who for the same reasons minimally donate but don't say anything.

    But the rest is business as usual and there is the usual handful of gullible nice old ladies and gents who sit in their paid off homes living off of state pension and on their dead husbands (or their own) pensions and donate and hang off of every word the GB spout on JWTV.

  • kairos

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most JWs have now looked at some sort of 'apostate' web site by now. Age 30 and under, nearly 100%.

    With everything that is going on with the switch to an internet religion that keeps saying 'don't look'. People are going to do what they are told not to. How can there not be a mass awakening?

    Question is, how many KHs will they sell off before the big jump ship? 25%, 50%.
    What will wake everyone up at once? Who knows, maybe everyone still-in will be happy to meet in small informal groups with no further 'direction' from WT?

    Does anyone remember discussing scenarios where we'd be going over old WT study articles at home? Sadly, there are die-hards that will never believe WT has collapsed, no matter what they see for themselves.

    Maybe there already has been a mass awakening, but most are too scared to say anything, let alone take action. It must have taken me 10 years to finally act on my first doubts. The pain that will be felt when this finally ends is going to be felt deep and wide.

  • snugglebunny

    Seeing the antics of the WT society as they desperately try to extort more money from the faithful, mis-count their published figures and deny, deny, deny there's a problem to be faced somehow puts me in mind of Germany in the last few weeks of WW2.

  • LV101

    Are elders in the US aware of all the pedophile issues and lawsuits. Do they think the cult's constant begging for money is a red flag/too much or are they too drunk on their position and fantasies like the older ones. Someone should be protecting the elderly - a citizens' protection committee or something. They've been fleeced for decades (their right and privilege) and now WT will try to roll them for everything.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    According to this guy, 252 Congregations (Assuming KHs) sold in past few years in Germany?

  • sparrowdown

    I think the real donation killer amongst JWs is bored out of their brain apathy.

    How could JWs not feel redundant now that witnessing has been replaced by a video and a cart and teaching has been replaced by a website.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Sparrow

  • Finkelstein

    Just a thought , I was wondering if the extreme cut back in literature the WTS publishes and distributes has greatly lowered the contributions JWs make at their Halls, in relevance to the lower income and maybe lower participation in KHs in various countries.

    The literature and the reading of that literature created much of the conscious push and drive by the participating JWS.

  • sparrowdown

    WT has been in the process of weaning them off the literature and onto the website for some time and any kind of weaning process is up and down for a while until the new form of food or in this case propoganda becomes preferable to the old.

    Donations may improve once they have been fully weaned and the website is fully accepted as the new Mother.

    I 'm watching and waiting on this one.

  • EverApostate

    Hardly a few JWs know about the Lawsuits. Even if we bring it up to them, they refuse to believe and even if they come across such news, they take it as "Jah will handle this"

    WT downfall is our wishful thinking. But I don't think it will happen any soon.

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