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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    If a JW wanted to get a concealed carry permit, would the Society have any moral or ethical problems with it? In other words, if one of your elders noticed you were carrying concealed, would they be apt to just ignore it or would they counsel you on it?

  • smiddy

    Your talking about a gun permit here ? If the law of the land says it`s OK to have a permit to carry firearms , I can`t see how any JC could argue against it.

    It`s a precaution against lawbreakers and a protection for you and your family , and it`s legal.

    If the WT argued against that , would they also have a problem with you having a baseball bat under your bed ?

    to protect your family against an intruder ?

    You have the right to defend yourself and your family.

    If you live in America , the Constitution is your saviour , WT / JC cant argue against that .

    Throw that in their face.

  • SadElder

    You will of course earn their counsel about "not being prepared to fight", but the official stance is that you are not allowed "privileges" if you carry a weapon or have a job that requires same. Of course you may be happy that you cannot have any "privileges" such as cleaning the hall, mowing the lawn and so on. But I would then include in my "privileges" not paying any money into the contribution boxes.

  • Tallon

    ..... "But I would then include in my "privileges" not paying any money into the contribution boxes." ... - SadElder

    Damn; I never thought of that !

  • atomant

    They can stick their privileges where the sun dont shine.

  • exjwlemming

    I have knew of a police officer that was studying and pressure was being applied to change his profession. The thought was that carrying a weapon is a license to take a life if need be. "A Christian would not want to put himself in a situation that might cause him to have to kill someone." He left his study and never looked back. I also knew a baptized, paramedic that was told that he should find another career. His occupation might cause him to be called to administer a blood transfusion which is forbidden by God's law. "Why would one want to have a part in breaking God's law?" Maybe to save someones life that does not have the same beliefs as a JW?

  • FedUpJW

    I carry this in a printout just in case some busybody, know it all eldurr tries to say that my legally obtained CWP that I obtained after a thorough background check and firearms training disqualifies me from being a Christian.

    *** g 6/08 p. 11 When Is Self-Defense Justified? ***
    The Bible thus indicates that a person may defend himself or his family if physically assaulted. He may ward off blows, restrain the attacker, or even strike a blow to stun or incapacitate him. The intention would be to neutralize the aggression or stop the attack. This being the case, if the aggressor was seriously harmed or killed in such a situation, his death would be accidental and not deliberate.

  • OrphanCrow
  • scruffmcbuff

    As above the stripping of "privilages" but id feel pretty ok about that if i was you!

    My old job demanded i very overtly carried firearms ;). but i was already DF by that point!

    Conceal carry away my friend! you never know when you may need it!

    *must resist to deviate on to the best EDC firearms*

  • Vidiot

    I'd occasionally hear about the occasional JW who'd carry a small firearm D2D in case they were attacked by dogs.

    Not making this up.

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