JW Stand On Concealed Carry

by Cold Steel 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fisherman

    I suppose a JW could keep a weapon without telling anyone.

    God would know.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Fisherman: God’s people have ‘beaten their swords into plowshares’ and do not buy guns to protect themselves from robbery or assault.—Micah 4:3.

    The reference to beating swords into plowshares refers to life on Earth during the Millennium, and that because man will no longer need them. Also, those who live by the sword are those who settle their disputes with weapons. Jesus said that to Peter because he knew he was going to trial and that his time had come. God had not removed the bitter cup and it was Jesus' destiny to die. But Jesus also warned his disciples that the time would come when those who had not a sword would need to sell their cloaks to buy one. Scripture should not be twisted to say things it doesn't say, and in the Old Testament Yahweh spelled out to Moses when personal defense was justified. That, and capital punishment (Gen. 6:9) were never withdrawn by Christ.

    Like I said, it's a God-given right.

  • Fisherman

    CS: "commentary".

    My post attempts to show wt stand.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Got it. Do you think more JWs have guns than is generally thought? There sure seems to be lots of them here.

  • scruffmcbuff

    you make VERY valid points. if you MUST attend a kingdom hall your probably a target anyway. and anyway.

    Assumuing your half decent at concealment and keep things to yourself no one should even notice!

    An inner waistband holster works wonders.

  • Chook

    Jw's stand on women and children, conceal violent and pedo men, carry on with the money

  • blondie

    God would know....but does he tell the BOE? Considering all the gaps in the knowledge, I doubt he ever reveals anything to them.

  • DwainBowman

    Under the "Brazen Conduct" rules, one could be df'ed over pretty much anything a body of elgubs, decides to!

    In my area, lots of jw's own firearms of all types! My brother in law is an elgrub, and has three hand guns. One under his pillow, one by hs recliner,a and last, on in a hidden compartment by the door!

    My wife's son's FIL, also has handguns, under his mattress, chair, and car!

    I know a lot of others with handguns as well!

    One nearby congregation, often have get togethers, that includes target shooting, with all the elgubs, taking part! Handgun and rifles included!

    I have four rifles and two handguns!


  • Ucantnome

    I know elders wife told me has conceal carry license nothing to do with work evidently the police can tell by her license plate or something. Always lived in a big city in USA

  • undercover
    Under the "Brazen Conduct" rules, one could be df'ed over pretty much anything a body of elgubs, decides to!

    It's been said a few times before, a JW can be DFd for anything 3 elders decide constitutes DFing, damn the scriptures and sometimes even the WT legal dept.

    The gun question is interesting. Never thought about concealed carry, but back when I was growing up, living outside of a metro area, guns were basically a normal thing, even for JWs. Not necessarily protection from other humans, but for hunting, protection of livestock from other animals, and just plain ole target shooting. As the city dubs moved into the area and the city met the country, there were 'debates' about gun ownership. Most city folk didn't see the need for guns, while the country folk were defensive about hanging on to them. The rural JWs kept their guns, depsite 'counsel' otherwise. They learned to not go around bragging about it.

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