Three very dangerous men escaped from a high security prison in Argentina because guard, a JW, had no guns

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  • ILoveTTATT2
    If you want to read up on the background of this, read this first:

    The convicts of this crime escaped from a high security prison in Argentina because the guard, a JW, had no guns.

    Here are the news sites that mention this:

    I am copying part of the article and translating to English:

    Triple Crimen: la insólita justificación del guardiacárcel sin arma

    Triple Crime: The unbelievable justification of the prison guard without a weapon

    Los hermanos Lanatta y Schilacci se fugaron del penal de Alvear sin mayores resistencias
    The Lanatta brothers and Schilacci escaped from the Alvear prison without major resistance

    Buenos Aires.- Pasan las horas y cada vez aparecen argumentos increíbles para las serias medidas de seguridad que supone un penal de máxima detención. Ahora se filtró la insólita justificación delguardiacárcel reducido por los condenados por elTriple Crimen, los hermanos Lanatta y Víctor Schilacci, para fugarse de la cárcel: no tenía armas porque es Testigo de Jeová y la religión le impide la portación de las mismas. ¿Creer o reventar?

    Buenos Aires - The hours go by and with each passing hour even more incredible arguments appear that show the serious [gaps] in security that a maximum security prison has. Now the unbelievable justification of the prison guard is known, overpowered by the convicts of the Triple Crime (see, the Lanatta brothers and Victor Schilacci, to let them escape from the prison: he had no weapons because he is a Jehovah's Witness and the religion prohibits him from carrying any. ¿To believe or to explode?

    El periodista Luis Beldi publicó el curioso dato arrojado de la investigación sobre qué sucedió en el puesto uno del portón de la Unidad 30 de alta seguridad, donde debía haber tres guardias. "Esto es una cama, acá no tendría que haber nadie, eso es lo que arreglamos", dijo uno de los condenados, según relató el guardia del portón.

    Luis Beldi, a journalist, published the curious piece of data about the investigation of what happened in the post 1 of the gate of the high security unit 30, where three guards are supposed to be. "This is a trap, there shouldn't be anyone here, that is what we arranged", said one of the convicts, as told by the gate guard.

    Reducir al guardia, consigna Beldi, fue un simple trámite: el vigilante era un Testigo de Jehová que no portaba armas porque su religión se lo impide. "¿Hay fuerzas de seguridad en el mundo que reclutan a religiosos que detestan las armas?", fue la pregunta que se hacen todos

    Overpowering the guard, tells Beldi, was a simple thing: The guard was a Jehovah's Witness that did not carry any weapons because his religion prohibits it. Are there any security forces in the world that hire religious people who hate weapons"? is the question everyone is asking.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    Anyone? No comments?
  • AudeSapere

    What can be said? It was absurd that he could be assigned to a position for which he would refuse to fulfill.

    Who lets this happen? How dare the witness even accept the job knowing full well he would deliver sub-par performance.

    Makes me angry.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    I would love to see the English article, or even part of it, thanks.
  • Vidiot

    What the hell was a loyal JW working as a prison guard in the first place?

  • Cangie
    Seems like the JW is a fan of the "Kim Davis employment plan"---accept an inappropriate position for your religious beliefs, get paid and then don't fulfill your job requirements. I am angry, too, Aude...and I will take this one step further. I hope he gets brought up on charges (maybe something like "aiding and abetting a prison escape") and that he will have to do time for the crime.
  • RubaDub

    What the hell was a loyal JW working as a prison guard in the first place?

    Vidiot ...

    My same thoughts. Why would the prison put someone into a position if the person would not carry a gun. With all the clerical or other non-gun carrying positions in a prison, I don't understand why they would put the person into that position.

    Rub a Dub

  • pbrow

    Not sure how it is done in Australia but here in the sconnie nation, prison and or jail guards do not carry guns when mixing in company with liars and thieves. They of course have weapons in the facility but they are locked down.

    For instance, when a deputy or policeman books a prisoner into our county jail, one of the first things he does is check his service weapon into a safe, then lets the prisonor out of the vehicle.


  • Bangalore

    *** w73 2/15 pp. 127-128 Questions From Readers ***

    • Is it compatible with maintaining a Christian conscience for one to accept employment that involves being armed, carrying either a gun or a club?—U.S.A.

    Jehovah God himself allowed human governments to exercise authority for law enforcement, by means of arms if necessary. Regarding such governmental authority we read: “It is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.” (Rom. 13:4) Hence no Scriptural objection can be raised against the existence of armed law-enforcement agencies nor against a government’s authorizing certain men to carry weapons when protecting property and/or people.

    However, whether a Christian would choose employment, such as that of policeman, guard or night watchman, if he were required to carry a gun or another weapon is something that he would have to determine for himself. He would want to consider: Do I want to take on the burden of making quick and difficult decisions in a crucial situation where human life is involved? Am I willing to come into circumstances that could require me to use a weapon, perhaps doing so in a way that would incur bloodguilt before Jehovah?

    Furthermore, a Christian’s main objective is to assist others to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth. He wants to teach others how to “be peaceable with all men.” (Rom. 12:18) In view of this, he might ask himself, Is my carrying a weapon in my employment going to appear to others as a contradiction of Christian teaching? Is there reason to believe that it will be a cause for stumbling? The Christian must make his own decision based on God’s Word and his knowledge of existing circumstances. If he feels his holding such a weapon-carrying job really would be detrimental to the spreading of Bible truth, the Christian would wisely choose other employment. The Scriptural counsel is not ‘to be stumbling others.’—Phil. 1:10.

    Whatever the Christian’s decision, it should be in harmony with his Scripturally trained conscience. But he never need feel pressured by concern for lack of life’s necessities. The assurance of God’s Word is: “Jehovah is a lover of justice, and he will not leave his loyal ones.” (Ps. 37:28) “I will by no means leave you nor by any means forsake you.”—Heb. 13:5.


  • sparrowdown
    Maybe the v dangerous men were trying to escape the JW guard preaching to them.

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