Motivations for Watchtower leadership

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  • GetMeOutofHere

    I’ve struggled for some time with this question. Why would the elders, COs, branch committee, helpers to gb and the gb themselves devote their lives to progressing in the organization, if the whole thing is one big sham? I have 3 ideas so far.

    1) Money. This really only applies to ‘special full-time’ servants. They appear to live a comfortable lifestyle without the stress and anxiety that people on the outside have. They have nice bethel rooms; a maid; meals provided for etc. The higher up you go then you also get trips paid for and many gifts I’m sure. However, it is hardly a life of luxury. I’ve seen their lifestyle up close and they do live as they preach - a very simple life. The houses in London (up for sale) are not as they seem - they were not modernized like you see in the photos when bethelites lived in them and they would have 8 people living in a 3 bedroom house. If you wanted to be rich then I can think of much better ideas than being a WT leader.

    2) Power. When I would give a talk I used to feel something that we were taught was Holy Spirit. No it was not. It was my ego being inflated and massaged as I had 100 people listening to me and for those 30 minutes, I was in effect, but not officially, the channel of communication from god. It feels incredible to be in authority in that way and to be one of the few people on earth considered righteous. The higher you go up, the more powerful you get. A CO walks into the congregation and they all stop, stare and kiss ass. The gb are now officially the faithful slave and so they, in the eyes of 7 million are the most powerful men on earth. Although they act humble, I have started to see that in many cases that is a facade - have you seen them on JW TV??

    3) They actually believe it. I wonder if every leader in the organization actually believes the script. I find this a difficult question. I know from my experience, once you start to progress in their hierarchy then the easiest thing is to simply go with it. Why resist when you have so much to lose? And when you are with them it’s so easy to be swept away by the mind conditioning and love bombing. They do not think critically and are constantly fed with Watchtower ideology through their printed material. Decades of underlining watchtower articles can’t be good for you.

    It’s important that we try and understand their motivations because this can refute the argument that even though they are an imperfect organization with imperfect men, they are men that love Jehovah and are used by him.

    Although I find the question difficult, it becomes clearer when you look at other religious leaders. What motivates the pope or the Mormon leaders? They might sincerely believe their belief, or it might be for money or power. Whatever the case, they can’t all be right. And so motivation should not be an indicator of truth. Even if JW leaders 100 percent love god and sincerely love the brothers, it does not equate with them being right. Tony Morris might actually believe he is one day going to kill people as an angel. The gb might actually believe they are protecting children in child abuse cases. The reality is that their motivations good or bad, noble or disingenuous, have no bearing on truth.

    Im starting to think there might be combinations of all 3 reasons that I have outlined above. If there is anything I have missed then I would be open to reconsidering.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

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  • dozy

    Ray Franz discussed this in his books. While the original poster is correct in saying there are other motivations , essentially the GB believe in it 100%. They have a belief system that is constantly confirmed and very rarely challenged. Franz coined the term "victims of victims".

  • GetMeOutofHere

    Thanks dozy,

    i seriously need to read Ray Franz

  • LV101

    I disagree the GB are believers. Perhaps at one time in their mission a fraction believed but they stuck with the program and won. Bailing out/giving up their fantasy lifestyle now and returning to their simpleton lives not an option - not even close. They're on stage/acting careers have won the academy-cult award and they're going to make demands/police cult members and beg for their monies until they draw their last breath.

    Ray Franz was an anomaly and endeavoring to do the right thing if not for his belief system for mankind - very rare. He gave it all up -- and Old Unc didn't even help him. Blood relatives/family failure 101.

  • BluesBrother

    when i was an elder back in the day, I was certainly a sincere believer . So were the honourable, if misguided , men that I served with. How can we judge the motives of others without evidence.

    Personally, I go along with Ray Franz and his "victim of victims" comment.

    But they are still wrong, sincere or not.

  • sir82

    It's the power.

    I think they probably hope it's true, but even if it's not, power is more addictive and intoxicating than heroin.

    These guys think their immediate superior, the only person they have to answer to, is Jesus Christ,'s sake.

    They have 8 million+ people revering their every word, no matter how ineptly spoken or nonsensical the thoughts.

    Remove these bozos from the insular WT / Bethel lifestyle and they wouldn't qualify to be a Walmart greeter. The least moronic of them realize that, and so on and on they go.

  • shadow

    My deceased father was a Walmart greeter. You have a problem with that?

  • Vidiot

    Tribal status.

    Human beings are tribal (it even says so in the Bible :smirk:).

    And for thousands of years, one's survival was quite dependent on one's status within one's tribe.

    The higher your status, the greater your chances of survival.

    And that aspect of human nature isn't gonna change any time soon.

  • sir82

    No offense intended.

    Let me rephrase:

    ..."they wouldn't qualify to run a lemonade stand at the end of a suburban driveway."

    Please don't tell me your father ran a lemonade stand also!

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