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  • blondie
  • blondie

    MrHappy, I am wondering how this turned out for you 2 years ago. Thanks.

  • blankspace

    It's just a H. HuB denotes "Headquarters unifying branches" and the "pillars" merely sorta come together to a common central point, forming a H. That's all it is. Nothing else.

    Source: A HuB programmer who is a close friend.

  • eyeslice2

    I doubt that they wrote this from scratch themselves. I would go with Poztate's they are using a 'cloud' based solution. This would provide all the basics and a framework on which they build using their own code.

    In the video looks to me as if the guy is writing some T SQL server code, i.e. database code. In coding terms, I guess they have had to create hundreds of new 'theocratic' entities - CO (extends Elder), Elder (extends Publisher), etc. I could be well in to it - lol.

  • blankspace

    They wrote it from scratch over a decade ago. It started off as a Microsoft Access application linked to SQL and was called Admin. Then they migrated it using more current coding languages along with the old database. I heard that there is still work going on with it.

    Source: A current HuB programmer.

  • MrHappy

    blankspace is it headquarters or headquarter? If you believe that the "pillars" come together to form an innocent H then why 12 not 10 or 8 or just simply a H? I appreciate all the comments to my initial comment/question. Many of you treated it with respect and made useful comments and this includes blankspace as it is always useful to hear from people with a contact. However, some people here have shown a very troll like attitude and this is quite disappointing. I will not be be making any further comments on this forum for the reason why I left the organisation. It's a shame that ex-jw's cannot leave behind judgmental, superior attitude to those that have a different view and instead contemplate a little before they comment, rather than shoot others down. I see this on many other comments - An echo chamber is not a place for a free person.

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