Brian Williams should interview Ben Carson

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  • JeffT
    I can only picture him going up against Hillary in a debate - she will rip him to shreds.

    Nah, he'd claim she's alive because he did emergency surgery on her when she got shot getting off the plane in Bosnia. Brian Williams would probably claim to have killed the sniper.

    Maybe I should write for SNL, there's no end of what you could do with this.

  • RubaDub

    Having a SDA as leader of USA is no more appealing than having a Mormon as president.

    As an animal lover, I would prefer the SDA since they don't strap their animals to the top of their cars.

    Rub a Dub

  • barry
    Having been brought an SDA I believe Ben Carsons would make a good president. The SDAs are anti war for the most part and Ben would be carefull not to involve the US in a stupid war. Being a smart guy he would think long and hard before calling on ground troops.
  • LV101

    barry -- I like the anti-war part for sure. I think we really have to be concerned with all the middle east drama going on.

    SDA's are mainstream today - think so. I know they're certainly healthy - or the ones that follow the vegetarian method. They must be really strict about their Bible interpretation. Other than that I don't know how safe I'd feel with him as Pres.

    The economy is awful in this country - and I'm not so sure many want to work with all the handouts. They can't help the poor and underprivileged enough in my opinion, however, something is radically wrong and it's not working. All the housing problems (fannymae/freddymac give it away etc. etc.) goes back as far as Carter days - strong economy during Bush (war exp. and housing meltdown) and Clinton -- Clinton good economy because of the strong Republican Senate who forced him to balance the budget and reform welfare. Afraid those days are long gone.

    It will depend on the independent vote and let's hope they get out and vote this time! Unreal!

  • glenster

    My main concern is to not have harm whether you believe in God or not. I'd
    recommend liberal stances if you go Abrahamic as with social issues generally.
    Carson's pyramid idea is a sort of conservative innovation. what's he supposed
    to tell ISIL--"you're too conservative"?

    PS: he's a Seventh-day Adventist which is what the JWs partly branched from.

  • sir82
  • Simon

    LOL, Someone really needs to get those two together, it would just be the most awesome thing.

    I don't know that Carson is electable as president, he seems to have gone past a line where you start wondering what is wrong with him. His mild demeanor and looking at the sky and rubbing his hands when he spoke seemed quirky at first but it's looking increasingly psycho-scary ... like he might snap big time any second.

    Either he really was some sort of psycho hitting people with hammers and padlocks and stabbing people or he lied about the whole thing. Both seem to be plenty reason to discount him as a realistic candidate.

    I think he's doing well simply because he appeals to the "none of the above" voters but with Trump now ready to let a few blows go in his direction it may be time for him to drop back to obscurity.

    That article makes an important point though - I think like Brian Williams he's taken stories he's heard because he would like them to be his story. For him, the story of a violent youth finding god is appealing to his religious base ... so he tells it as his. It may have happened to someone, but I don't think it was Dr Carson.

    His problem is that his life story is all people have to go on and it seems to disintegrate under any scrutiny and he is clearly lying about the "violent past / saved by god" narrative (watch the press conference, he constantly tries to shift the story back to the scholarship issue which probably has some foundation).

  • Finkelstein

    Its interesting that a nutter such as this guy would be the front runner for the Republican party ??

    Most of his nuttiness or ignorance comes from his Seventh Day Adventist up bringing.

  • jws

    I'm just waiting for Carson to talk about the guy he tried to stab being named Bubba and led him to his shrimping days with a guy named Lt. Dan aboard the Jenny.

    Seriously though, he has been in the tops of the polls so who knows? At some point, I've got to expect people to see through Trump, leaving him an opening.

    Although let's face it, this is the right wing party. While not all right-wingers are racist, I'm guessing some (probably most) of the vehement racists are right-wing. Somehow I can't picture ANY KKK member with a Hillary or Sanders sticker on their car.

    While Carson might poll well in places like Ohio, I can't see significant portions of the South voting for him, republican or not. So I don't think he'll be his party's candidate and even get as far as the general election.

    I know Obama did it, but he was part of the party that isn't as racist.

    I think between all these lies he's told being fact-checked and the racist elements of the republican party, he won't make it.

  • Simon

    Ironically, I think there is a certain amount of 'race' to do with Carson being popular with republicans. People can say "I'm voting for a black guy" which is more convincing than "but I have some friends who are black" to tick the "I'm right wing but not a racist, honest! (now let's go deport us some Latinos)".

    There is also a huge divide in the republican party which still hasn't been patched up. The Tea Party side wants a very pro-religious 'extremist' candidate but they will unlikely to win the actual election itself.

    That's why I think the final choice will be whoever seems to be the least-worst option that doesn't have some completely bat-shit crazy talk that will count against them. Not a good plan to win the overall election but I think Rubio or Casich may end up doing well. As much as people want an 'outsider' it's soon obvious that Carson et al simply wouldn't have a clue what they were doing in political office and would be a huge danger.

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