Brian Williams should interview Ben Carson

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  • Simon

    Just imagine the crazy stories they could invent together !

    Ben Carson has to be finished as a candidate doesn't he? Can you imagine him being the Republican nominee? Don't get me wrong - I think it would be brilliant ... for the Democrats. I can only picture him going up against Hillary in a debate - she will rip him to shreds.

    Now people are digging into the claims of his past and the stories appear to be complete fabrications. Apparently he was a violent thug going round attacking people before the power of Christ compelled him to be meek and mild. Except no one seems to have any recollection of his version of his past. This fits nicely with his recent claims of having nothing to do with promoting some scam drug when he was being paid and giving talks for them.

    That's before we even get to the religious nonsense claims that the Pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain or that Evolution is caused by Satan.

  • cappytan

    It doesn't matter who the republican nomination is, Simon. Lefties would have something negative to say about them regardless. There's always something.

    I consider myself a right-leaning moderate. But, even tough I disagree with him on some issues, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter regardless of the differences. I think he's a good candidate. The best of the Democratic field. I'm not looking to find crap in his past to snipe him and say, "Gotcha!" No one on the right that is currently running inspires my support. But Bernie does.

  • sir82

    Carson is an utter loon. Here is the latest:

    He is also a believer in conspiracy nutter Cleon Skousen:

    Fortunately, his chances of being elected president are even more remote than Trump's.

  • Simon
    Lefties would have something negative to say about them regardless.

    There are varying degrees of criticism. To dismiss criticism of Carson as purely based on political leaning is too convenient and simplistic.

    I think if he were a Democratic nominee we'd still be ripping into him for the nonsense he comes out with just the same. The fact that it would be hard to imagine him being such a nominee says more about the two parties and their respective bases.

    I like Bernie too - I think electing him would be good for the future of America and democracy but I think it's a stretch. I think it will end up being Hillary vs a neanderthal or an orangutan. None of the sensible republican candidates seem to get much support.

  • truthseeker100

    I guy I grew up with. A good guy for sure but sometimes he seemed a little misdirected.

  • cappytan
    I think it will end up being Hillary vs a neanderthal or an orangutan.

    Ugh. I really hope Hillary doesn't get the nomination. I don't see how she's doing so well. She has no substance!

  • Simon
    I don't see how she's doing so well

    I think the republican led Benghazi hearings helped make her look tough and presidential. Contrast her batting those tough questions with the leading republicans whining over some mild interview questions.

    If it comes down to traditional candidates I think most people view the Clinton presidencies as better times than the Bush ones.

    I think Bernie is great but may be too far for the general voters.

  • Stealth

    Having a SDA as leader of USA is no more appealing than having a Mormon as president.

    I think he made up all of those lies about his violent childhood in order to make his personal story more interesting for a book. Now he can't back down from those lies. They can't find a single person that he went to school with the remembers him ever getting violent. Not even his best friends.

  • LV101

    Carson -- oh my! How about his 10% tax statement according to the Bible. Unreal -- can't run the country on double that amt. Business/corporation taxes are one of the highest in the world if not the highest -- which is insane. It's nothing in Canada - lucky Canadians.

    The Clinton machine -- oh my. Won't go there.

  • Simon

    When Carson talks about his life experiences he sounds like those given on the platform at assemblies.

    It sounds invented and more like what he thinks such an experience should sound like rather than a genuine personal experience that actually happened.

    Maybe he wishes he had some road to Damascus epiphany but feels he needs to invent a story of having one to be "a good christian" ... like the ones he has seen telling their own made up stories.

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