Has a 'Christian' ever murdered somebody?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Christian (no pun intended) Longo murdered his wife and two kids.

    see: http://www.biography.com/people/christian-longo

    Jeff Anderson murdered Kim Anderson and her two children.

    see: http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/religion/jw/jwmurders.shtml

    Robert Bryant murdered his wife and children and then killed himself.

    see: http://murderpedia.org/male.B/b/bryant-robert.htm

    Jonathan Holt murdered Whitney Heichel.

    Sheddrick Miller murdered Kia Miller and their two young children, then killed himself.

    Ron Reynolds murdered Ronda Reynolds.

    William Redman, a Jehovah's Witness, believed his daughter, Gloria, would be resurrected three days after he repeatedly plunged a knife into her neck at the family's trailer at Road Runner RV Park.

    Drew Thompson murdered Rita Bartschot.

    Curtis Thompson murdered Deborah Byars.

    Larry Slack Sr. murdered his daughter Laree A. Slack.

    yeah, hardly any.

  • smiddy

    Ian Reilly was charged and convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in Queensland in the late 1980`s ? they were both special pioneers and served where the need was great in Australia

    After his release from jail he was still an active JW and married a fellow witness .


  • Lieu
    A Christian? Sure. Most of the indigenous in the Americas were murdered by "Christians" for their lands and gold. Then there's the Jews in Europe. Africans under the Danes, Inquisitions, European monarchy wars, William the Conqueror mass killing Anglo-Saxons, etc.
  • smiddy

    All of you people quoting examples of "Christians" before C.T.Russell and the "Jehovah`s Witnesses "movement.are missing the point , JW`s don`t recognize anybody , or organized Religion before C.T.Russell as being Christian after 100 A.D.

    True Christians according to JW theology was from Jesus baptism , till approximately 100 A.D.

    Then their was the Apostacy from Approx. 100 A.D. till the late 1800`s when C.T.Russell appeared on the scene.when true Christians appeared on the scene as the I.B.S.A. , later to be re-named Jehovah`s Witnesses


  • punkofnice
    Mephis15 hours agoThe problem you may have though is that no matter which example you give, it'll be 'but they obviously weren't true JWs because they killed someone". It'll get circular pretty quickly.

    My thoughts exactly! You can't win with a fully indoctrinated, mind controlled cult member.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''My thoughts exactly! You can't win with a fully indoctrinated, mind controlled cult member''

    It's hard to negotiate with circular reasoning mind set.

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