What Is The Position Of Witnesses For People Who Are Inactive And Don’t Want To Be Bothered By Anyone?

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  • newsheep

    NVR2L8 it doesn't show anywhere that you left me a private message. There seems to be something wrong with me receiving private messages. Others write they have left me a message but I never receive them. Simon can you fix this please?

  • minimus

    Thank you for this very informative thread. I appreciate the responses.

  • NVR2L8

    Newsheep, pull the menu list at the right of the page and at the bottom where it says sign out, next to your name there should be an envelope with your number of messages...just click on it.

  • Overrated

    I have been out for 20 years once in awhile a get someone from that toxic group trying to get me to return.

  • NVR2L8

    Newsheep, I know Russell and Randy Reed from way back in Montreal. What is this about writing a book and being apostate?

  • RubaDub

    I agree with you what you’re saying but I am perplexed still because all these years they have left me alone

    Min .....

    I can tell you, you probably are not shunned but rather "softly marked". As time goes on and people come, go and move, the "soft" becomes softer since less people even know you. There are many, many like you. They basically leave you alone, view you as a lost cause, but not "evil" in their view, just someone who has drifted away with little if any hope of returning.

    I wouldn't take it too seriously. The elders, burned out in many congregations, have more important things to do to keep the CO happy when he visits. At this point, you are likely in their mind wasted time with nothing to report in a positive way to the CO.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Either way mentally indoctrinated JWS will shun, disrespect or demean anyone they know who left the organization and this can vary to the slight to the extreme.

    These occurrences are well documented here and other Web forums .

    Why this happens is a causative effect of people showing their steadfast loyalty and devotion to the Organization which to them is Jehovah's chosen organization, ingrained fear goes along way to control people's thoughts and behavior.

    Its not surprising for JWS who come across inactive ex members to show a smiling greeting, some JWS are constantly on the ploy to shepherd lost ones to the flock so to speak.

    We know that so most just play along......... at least I do.

  • Biahi

    I’ve been out 35 years, no one has contacted me. I think I’m free and clear. The funny part is, a couple of years ago, I was out on the street, 2 smiling men approached me to hand me a memorial invitation. I handed it back, and said, “No thanks, I walked away from this religion over 30 years ago.” You should have seen their faces drop. The funny part is that they were doing street work, but after me, they literally jumped into their car and sped off. Lol

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Maybe this isn't the best example but It reminds me of why we wear a mask for Covid 19....only I reverse. Most people think that wearing a mask is mostly about protecting themselves from Covid 19 when in reality it's mostly intended to prevent the mask wearer from spreading the virus they may have, to others via droplets.

    The idea behind shunning is supposedly a way to prevent current JW's from being infected by your non JW ideas. It really isn't done out of concern for you and your spiritual welfare or about loyalty to Jehovah, as many JW's like to convince themselves.

    It's more about powerless people being allowed to feel better about themselves by having an imagined authority over someone else and by looking better themselves, by comparison. Those who are secure in themselves typically don't go to any great length to punish former JW's . It's the ones who need or enjoy a good power trip, and take it upon themselves to go out of their way personally to make sure former JW's pay the price for them having to still have to keep doing all the nonsensical things that JW's have to do.

  • Giordano

    I would also add that the rules for shunning are a form of coercion to keep other JW's away from any sort of contact with DF or DA members who left for any reason........... in particular those who wanted freedom from this desperate, mistaken and nasty religion.

    Keep the sheep separated and demonstrate how they in turn would be treated by their family and friends.....if they strayed.

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