JWs who are now paying the price of following the cult.

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  • Simon
    this husband and wife had to apply for extra government assistance just to help them get by

    Yeah, either relatives have to bail them out or the taxpayers do.

    People who voluntarily screw up their lives shouldn't get handouts from anyone.

  • Diogenesister
    Longhair GalThe generation before them (the Greatest Generation) has very few still surviving.

    The generation before the "baby boomers" is called "The Silent Generation". The *"greatest generation" was the one before that.

    *Always thought that was a funny term for group that encompassed the Nazis, Stalin's henchmen and the Vichy French.

    Personally I think the Boomers were the greatest generation. They bought us kicking and screaming into a modern world of equality, took us to the moon and founded the computer age.

    NB I'm gen X

  • LongHairGal


    My God, you are right! I stand corrected.

    So, most of the bastards who were flapping their lips and trying to interfere in my life to get me to quit my full-time job were the ‘Silent Generation’, eh? They should have lived up to their name and kept their stupid mouths shut. However, there were some very old JWs of that Greatest Generation when I first came in but most of the offenders were younger.

    If I had caved in to their pressure, I would not be retired today and would be in a very bad situation!!

    This former ‘low hour publisher’ is very thankful today that I never listened to any of them of whatever generation!

  • smiddy3

    I find it ironic that JW`s paints Christendom as the counterfeit to true Christianity and then has to rely on Christendoms aged care homes to live in as they get older.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, very true. I remember them knocking Christendom all the time. Meanwhile, they offer NOTHING to anybody..but yet the churches of Christendom have programs to help the poor and needy.

    I remember reading somewhere about young bethelites dismissed in recent years who were sent a bill for the last lunch they ate in the lunchroom!!..How’s that for compassion?

    Any so-called ‘help’ any JW in a congregation ever got is because somebody went around with an envelope cornering people to contribute money!

    I know a lot of JWs cling to fallacies and false hopes but I really hope people there are in reality about THIS!

  • Overrated

    An the Org frowns on higher education so one can be self reliant. They get no respect from me since they hinded my efforts for years. Until I DA'ed.

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