JWs who are now paying the price of following the cult.

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  • joe134cd

    I knew this pioneer sister. Who went into pioneering virtually straight from school. She had the goal of going to bethel. To be honest I fancied her, so I decided to sit in on a bethel recruiting meeting with her. I remember seeing the look of disappointment and frustration on her face, hearing a governing body member saying the were requiring the skills of nurses and hospital personal. This pioneer sister was ultra PIMI. Last I heard she is still pioneering, still no closer to Bethel, and not married to me. Lol

  • mickbobcat

    Once someone is in a cult its hard to get them to see anything else. But to be fair one size does not fit all. Some like myself always had doubts even though I was a fourth gen born in cult member. I just could not really gulp down the carp I was being fed. Some I have known are so unquestioning and buy into the cult without any critical thinking they will never come out. Some know its BS but its their social structure and or they like having people look up to them as elders or pioneers. I always felt that being an elder was like being president of your local book club. No one really gives a good shit, nor did I.

    The only time I started to really think this was the true religion was in the early 90s. When the USSR collapsed and Germany was reunited and things in the UN were changing it seemed maybe they were right. But then it all went back to normal and it was all BS again.

    I sold many of my guns and started to go back to meetings. But then they started the BS again and changed the meaning of the word generation. That is when I threw down the Watchtower and said I am out. Done and done. Sick of the bait and switch bull shit all the time. I have not looked back since.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Yes, I know of a brother that would have to be now in his 70s (plus) who went to Bethel in the mid sixties because of the Vietnam War and was reassigned by Bethel to serve in the congregations when he was 55 or so. To my knowledge, after bethel he struggled greatly financially.

    To be honest, there are many people regardless of religion that are not prepared for retirement. I'm in a union and have good health insurance and you are required to work so many hours each month to remain qualified or you can pay.

    The union has our employers also pay into a pension fund and a retirement fund. The retirement fund was started decades ago because union members would work for 30 years and still didn't own their own house. So, now 5+ dollars an hour goes into the local retirement fund so when you retire you can pull it out to pay your house off but you have to pay tax on it.

    Recently, an older worker at my company turned 70, and is now able to get his social security, his union pension, and he is still working full time.

    At Walmart earlier today, a woman in her late 70s was a cashier. Now with some heightened inflation I'm sure more elderly will be joining the workforce.

    What I'm saying is "we all lost a lot in that damn organization" and gave away the best productive years of our lives to the Wt. But there are people that didn't and they struggle also. No trying to defend wt.

    I would be interested in also knowing of witnesses we may have known that have died young because they wouldn't go or couldn't afford to go to a doctor? Sometimes you hear of someone in this situation on GoFundMe and it's sad.

  • GrreatTeacher

    My brother in law, never a JW, has never bothered to buy health insurance. Brilliant dude, but never successful and couldn't justify the expense.

    Just got a call yesterday that he was rushed to the Emergency Room. He was feverish and vomiting. Come to find out that he had ignored his diabetes, got an infection in his foot and once part of his toe died and fell off and he was nearly septic, he went to the ER. Transferred by ambulance to another hospital where he is on IV antibiotics and they're trying to save his toe. Once you hit 50, you HAVE to take care of your health.

    My husband's union negotiates healthcare. Until about 5 or 6 years ago, it was at no cost, but now we pay about $240 a month for a Cadillac plan for a family. It sounds like you are in a trades union multipayor plan which I am also familiar with because my husband worked out of a local union for his apprenticeship for the first 7 years of his career. However, my husband works for a large company now that is multistate, though each state has its own bargaining unit and contract.

    My BIL had the option of purchasing crappy medical insurance for much more money. He chose not to buy it and won that gamble for many years. God knows how much this will cost, likely tens of thousands, and how long it will take to pay back. He was supposed to start a new job Monday. Who knows if they'll hold the job for him or not?

    So, I have an uneasy relationship with GoFundMe for healthcare expenses. I feel terrible that even people who pay for good insurance sometimes get hit with big expenses for big illnesses. Get cancer, and even with good insurance, you're out big bucks. Hell, my husband just had shoulder surgery this year and we hit our annual out of pocket maximum at $1850 and that was a big hit! There are crappy plans with $10,000 out of pocket maximums! But, the other part of me thinks that people really need to negotiate better healthcare as part of their employment contracts when they get hired. Most people don't even bother to sign employment contracts and work at will. It's a precarious position to accept. So, I don't usually donate to healthcare GoFundMe's.

  • Overrated

    Good Example is my dad- He had cancer and was so convinced that the magical sky daddy and the new system would come and take care of it. If he would of aleast try to get some treatment early he could of lived a little longer. But he followed the advice of idiots.

  • Simon

    All these fiscally reckless people potentially end up being a burden on relatives - so even those who didn't fall for the WTS baloney end up being impacted by it

  • Overrated

    Simon- How true! Family members having to supported by other family members who planned ahead who didn't fall for the crap or worst end up dead from their bad advice.

  • Just4Real

    This is what happens to people when they put personal faith, trust and loyalty to lies, ignorance and delusions, they hurt themselves and maybe their own family members.

    Glad I got out when I did.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''This is what happens to people when they put personal faith, trust and loyalty to lies, ignorance and delusions, they hurt themselves and maybe their own family members.

    Glad I got out when I did.''

    Sadly this trend continues. But not to the same as it used to be. People who were born in the Borg pre-internet era or dunked into it before the internet...were truly duped.

    But the internet era is proving the Borg to be like a 'fish out of water', as Lloyd sometimes puts it.

    No, ignorance these days 'is a choice'. There is a 'glut' of information on the internet via youtube, websites, ordering books, and kindle books.

    And a big welcome to the forum by the way!!!

  • HiddlesWife

    Very true. There are some dubs who have given up just about everything they accomplished on a small scale and own--especially ever since the Bunker Video RC. There is a married couple who gave up their full-time jobs, sold both two cars, their condo, and a nice amount of material possessions (clothing, jewelry, electronics/tech, furniture, etc.). They ended up working for small Mom-and-Pop businesses in their area, involved in several MLMs, brought a very dilapidated hoopdie, and moved into a small-tiny house as renters owned by a NI (Never In) relative of another dub family. They are suffering immensely, specifically since the full-time jobs they quit provided good medical insurance plans plus very good/secure pension plans. Now, according to my family members, this husband and wife had to apply for extra government assistance just to help them get by. All of this is for this cultcorporation, which will not help anyone in need at any time of their lives.

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