JWs who are now paying the price of following the cult.

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  • LongHairGal


    It’s a sad story you tell about the second guy and I do feel sorry..As an exception to the rule: if a JW was my friend back in the day and treated me decently, I might take them out to lunch.

    The general mentality there is what really bothers me: they imagine you are going to give them money after you were knocked, condemned and shunned for having a decent job or career! Imagine the audacity? I would RUN from most of them now.

    If I had listened to the Witnesses, I wouldn’t be Retired. These people tried to interfere in my life, which is none of their business. They can never be forgiven for this as far as I’m concerned. Any active Witnesses reading this, take note.


    Yes, this really does get me about that older affluent Greatest Generation preaching poverty to Baby Boomers. No Accountability it seems!..The irony is most have gone to their graves after living a cushy life and aren’t even around to help any of the impoverished Boomers they misled!

    Words can’t describe my feelings. I’m so glad I never listened and it doesn’t matter now how shunned or uninvited I was years back because I stuck to my guns and held my job until retirement.

  • Overrated

    I grew up in the 75' nonsense. And after seen fellow JW's put their lives on hold only for and end that would never come was a wake up call. I was not going to live like this and when I got the chance I got out.

  • zachias

    With so many on one govt program or another its about time there was a coup by elders with conscience from whatever countries to march together on bethel and demand the gb be thrown out and to release funds to help the silly ones they conned into poverty.


    I knew one family who would access the cheap foods store when the dad was on good pay. ..?

  • truth_b_known

    My father started his own business. He could have made a decent retirement for himself. Instead, he chose to go out in service more.

    Now I am 5 years from being able to retire from my job and collect my pension. My parents barely get by and my father still has to work part time in his 80s. In his eyes, I am the dummy.

  • mickbobcat

    Truth, I have seen the same thing. My Uncle D had a construction co. since I can remember. My first job was taking the bus after school to the house he was working on and picking up scraps for the dumpster. He made good money when others were just getting by. In the mid 70s things were getting hard. Gas embargo, no work, if we did not have our unemployment time in for winter we were SOL.

    Uncle D always had a new truck and car for service, Travel Trailers, took trips cross country to far away assemblies ect. He would build a home and sell it an then build another bigger and more elaborate. As a kid in the early 70s, I thought his one home a chalet that had a in wall stereo system that had speakers in all rooms as the shit. Pool table in the basement ect.

    But he never saved a dime. He spent all he made and then some always being in debt on his home and cars never really owning a thing. The bank owned it all. Then when he could not run his business and got diabetes and had his leg amputated and had to shut his business down it was time to pay the piper. He lost his home, his cars, everything. He literally had no place to go.

    A school buddy non JW who he had got along with all his life and was a real estate agent owned his own business, and invested in gas wells and other rentals and had a lot of money, set up a trailer, mobile home on a lot and gave it to him. His sister would come down and sit with him on meeting nights because he could not go to meeting and had to sit home alone with a fire in the stove to keep the place warm in the winter and she was afraid if the place caught on fire he could not get out by himself.

    I worked for him most of my early years and he had one last property as things were going to shit, a mobile home on a lot he rented out. I bought it to rent and when I cam to his house the one he lost to give him the paper work to sign, he was going over the Daniel book that came out in the 90s like it had the answer to all his problems. You could tell he was looking for a time line, when would this end come, he needed help a fix and it was promised all these years. I was sickened to see what the cult has done to people like him.

    He passed away 19 years ago, and it still bothers me today to think of how he was brain washed into making horrible choices.

    When I worked in Wyoming in the early 80s, when the oil boom was on out there and the rest of the country was in recession. I worked pouring concrete with a family member who was a JW also. My wife and I started a bank account and my wife asked to hire on the road crew turning signs in front of the trailer park we were staying at while I worked Masonry work. The couple we stayed with would rib us all the time about our savings account. They would go to Rock Springs every week end and spend money like it was water. Telling me wife and I that we would be throwing our money in the streets soon so why not enjoy it.

    That couple built a small home and I mean 20x35 with a basement home and had several kids. They now live in that home in the basement and one of their kids lives in the up stairs with their husband and kids. Its very sad. But they did it to themself with the help of the cult.

  • LongHairGal


    Yeah, you’re the ‘dummy’ until they need your money!


    It’s amazing to hear about anybody, let alone a JW, who made fabulous money and ends up broke because of stupidity or arrogance…It’s similar to people who win lotto and end up penniless. I can’t even feel sorry for people like this.

    With regard to the JW couple who ribbed you about your savings account:..I had that happen to me with a couple of JWs. One was an older JW who did my taxes and saw I put some money in an IRA. I got snide remarks about how “I’d never live to see that money”. Well, this person is long passed away and I’m retired several years!

    I might also add this person ALSO was of ‘the Greatest Generation’ with a comfortable life telling younger JWs to pursue poverty. Can you IMAGINE if I listened to all of these older hypocritical JWs years ago?? Naturally, they aren’t even around to help anybody now. And, what would they say? I’m sorry? That wouldn’t even cut it.

    Makes me ill if I think about it. But, I’m GLAD today I was the ‘low hour publisher’ years back. I supposedly wasn’t ‘spiritual’ because I worked a full-time job..the benefits and planning of which support me now.

  • Simon

    Apart from the money they take from people directly, and the expenses of going to meetings and assemblies, buying suits etc... (for many, it's the only time they need to wear one), the biggest cost is time.

    You can do so much with your time once you leave, it's really THE most valuable commodity anyone has and why people work - to purchase future time not working.

    Away from the WTS you can develop your career, start and run a business, educate yourself, or heck, just sit and relax for a while, spend time cultivating real meaningful friendships.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Eventually the Borg will reap what it sows.

    By the perpetual demonizing of education, the Borg will run out of ''legal-qualified' people who can work as lawyers. With that there will be less lawyers who can defend them.

    You can already see it. Pleas for those who lawyers and legal qualifications.

  • GrreatTeacher

    IMHO, if they had to, they would be more than willing to pay for worldly legal services.

    It would be considered a prudent and necessary use of funds.

    In fact, I believe that would be one of the last expenses they'd give up.

  • Longlivetherenegades


    Spot on about the TIME. I love the way Raymond Franz analysed that in his book In search of Christian Freedom. The org uses the most useful and important part of the the time of life of its members by the time such members decides to live, they begin to realise those lost time cannot be recovered and their productive years is remaining few.

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