Many Jw’s Love to Speculate About the New System

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  • Davros

    A comment on another thread cracked me up where the poster related what some elder said on the platform that:

    In the new system, we likely will not have genitals.” Lol

    I’ve heard so much speculation from many JW’s on what will and won’t be allowed in the new system.

    For example, we won’t eat meat in the NS

    We won’t have sewing machines in the NS.

    What are some of the ones you heard that will and won’t be allowed in the new system?

  • hoser

    Best one I heard was out in service in a posh neighborhood.

    A sister said: In the new system I’m going to live in that house and hire pioneer sisters to clean it for me.

  • skin

    Won't be in a rush to do anything or go anywhere, because we will have forever to do it in.

    What I find with even more head shaking disbelief, are the speculations about what will happen between now and the end of this system. What to expect etc. All fear inducing stuff to keep you in obedience to WT .

  • WTWizard

    It will be full communism. And no, we will not be living forever. Rather, our souls will simply exist for the reptilians to enslave other planets, denying all happiness throughout the whole universe. And yes, it includes the mandatory, DNA altering coronavirus shot (which doesn't even necessarily prevent the disease--it will make you vulnerable to COVID-21 which will be released soon after, or with, the vaccine for COVID-19).

    And, once these vaccinations are imposed, they will be enforced with the RFID chip that comes with them. Without that chip, you are denied access to anything and they can hunt you down and forcibly give you the shot and the chip (using tranquilizer darts, if necessary). And this chip will enforce your thinking--we will indeed be all the same.

  • Jeffro


    A comment on another thread cracked me up where the poster related what some elder said on the platform that:
    In the new system, we likely will not have genitals.” Lol

    Official JW belief, though rarely talked about, is that people may be permitted to have children only during the 1,000 years, supposing that it would not be appropriate to have children after that because those children would not need the ‘benefit’ of the ‘ransom’.

  • Zoos

    The governing body says the NEW TESTEMENT (Greek Scriptures) were written for the "faithful slave"... but when it says we will will become like the angels, suddenly there is confusion.

  • JustMe2

    No sewing machines??? What's that about?

  • Davros
    No sewing machines??? What's that about?

    Who the F knows!!

    Perhaps machines will be part of the "Old system of things" and not allowed in the N/S? After all, we will have plenty of time to hand sew our own clothes. Perhaps we won't even need clothes in the new system since everyone will be perfect and have perfect bodies (with no genitals lol)

    I can never understand the logic of why some JW's speculate on what we will and won't have in the New System.

    It pisses me off that many rank and file JW's try to pass off their inane ramblings and speculations as actual doctrine.

  • no-zombie

    Probably, everyone will be nudists.

  • Funky

    I always laugh at all the modern conveniences that show up in the "new world" - lumber cut with laser precision, plastic beach balls, gigantic panes of glass in the windows of the mansions every resident will have, etc.

    None of which would be possible without the intricate, sophisticated, polluting, capitalistic infrastructure present in "this wicked world", not to mention the millions of people who would have to work the same types of boring, repetitive jobs to sustain that complex industrial-grade system.

    You can't have all the plastic balls, beach umbrellas, leather shoes, metal belt buckles, etc. shown in their drawings for the billions of "resurrected ones", while simultaneously the only occupations in the world are [farmer], [construction worker], [Bible teacher] and nothing else.

    Somehow those "new world speculations" always assume that technology and infrastructure will continue uninterrupted at 21st century USA-level standards.

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