Critique of the lastest New World Translation?

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  • dontfitin

    It's interesting how in the kingdom interlinear they use lots of 'J' references.

    (Ooh, I quoted! Did I do it right??)

    Yes, I was actually heartbroken when I found out that information. I always had "issues" but still believed in the sincerity and that the org was trying to do the right thing. To take liberties with the Bible is not something I can ever accept. How can you trust anything past that point?

  • dontfitin

    I would assume you have already looked here?

    Yes, I have all the info about the addition of Jehovah in the NT. was great especially. I just want to find what other changes I might not know about, especially since the revision. I don't trust any of it anymore.

  • FayeDunaway

    How about the blatant addition of the word 'other' in Collosians 1. Original text says All things were created through him and for him. NWT said All (other) things were created through him and for him. Now there's no parentheses.

    The NWT translating team alters from other translations very selectively, almost always it's about Jesus. There was definitely an agenda.

  • WireRider

    The NWT is not a Bible. It stopped being once they just started changing any word/phrases they wanted to change the meanings. I have said it before. Arius. Arius was a rouge Catholic bishop that went far out there - to preach that Jesus was not God and there was no such thing as a Trinity. Factions of Christianity were getting out of hand. The Emperor Constantine ordered the Council of Nicaea (320 AD) to put and end to it and pick one. The Council was to pick and choose from all the gospels/books that became the New Testament. The every gospel/book, true or not, was chosen based on it's consistent support of the TRINITY.

    Arius showed up and insisted his beliefs be included. They all kicked him out on his ass, banished him to the north, and ordered all of his writings and teachings to be burned. Arianism was a dead religion by 400 AD. ... Until Russell came along 14 centuries later and thought Arius was cool.

    So the entire time the JW/WT has been teaching from a Jewish and Catholic book - that they hate. They have been trying to change words arbitrarily to try and resurrect Arius. The other branches of the tree - Adventists are still doing the same formed from Arianism groups.

    Which is why JW/WT people are too stupid to read the Bible on their own (Russell's word) without his help. Russel wrote encyclopedia sets of instruction guides to prevent people from learning the true Bible.

    It was shown in the first couple of NWT editions that the secret councils "re-interpreting" the Bible had no one that could speak Hebrew, Latin, or Greek. They just changed words to fit their beliefs. Russell was in court a few times on fraud charges and under testimony showed he on new a few numbers in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek - he never passed the seventh grade (and was largely didn't want anyone else to either).

    It is no surprise they are still trying to avenge Arius be altering the meanings in the Bible. So the NWT is no longer a Bible. The NWT is nothing but a propaganda tool to enforce their beliefs with fake proof, and scare the hell out of people about Jews and Catholics out there - even though they wrote the Bible and call them apostates - which were Arius's last words as the door hit him in the ass on they way out.

    Just ranting, but the Catholics have huge crosses in their churches - the JW/WT should have huge doors hanging up to mark the end of Arius.

  • WireRider
    Ironically, Arius recanted every he that he claimed about "no Trinity" and begged to get back into the Catholic Church. He died just days before he was to rejoin the Church and confess false teaching. I guess Russell didn't read the last few chapters of the tale of Arius.
  • Tenacious

    The gray bible has been translated not to make it 'easier' to read but rather to change and revise scriptures that disagree with their current teachings.

    I've been doing a comprehensive and exhaustive verse-for-verse comparison and I'll personally attest that the RNWT committee twisted so many scriptures to fit their theology a person would be better off reading the Amplified Bible which is one of the worst translations known to exist and yet still, the reader would get a more honest grasp of the true message of God.

    What a travesty these men are.

  • WireRider

    I'll have to look up the name, but about a year ago I watched a youtube video of a noted theologian, scholar, and translator. He very publicly threw down the gauntlet, and continuous letters, for 15 years to a public debate with the Watchtower translators that mangled the NWT for their obvious benefit.

    The Watchtower has always refused citing "fear of the translators safety if their identities were known".

    There were no actual translators.

  • Connie

    Hi there,

    I don't know if you have seen any of these already.

    The Screwed Generation YouTube channel did a review of the 2013 New World Translation

    I also researched the NWT using and just did a New World Translation search, lots of info there. I was able to find a list of the Bible Scholars the Watchtower quotes and what they actually said. You might also like which gives explanations verse by verse of JW doctrine in the footnotes and how to refute it. I have also recently been researching the Aramaic New Testament which uses a Divine Name substitute throughout the NT. You might be interested in looking at Andrew Gabriel Roth on You Tube.

    Hope this is of help.

  • dontfitin

    Tenacious, are you keeping records of what you find? I hope so, and I hope you will post or publish them when you are ready.

    For the record, I don't reach a Trinity conclusion even from other Bible translations. I do feel like there was way more going on between Jesus and God than we have been taught as JWs. It still does not lead me to a trinity that includes the holy spirit as a person at this time. That said, again, I don't care if anyone's interpretation is correct or not, it does not give them the right to change the bible.

  • dontfitin
    Connie, thank you! I will be digging into that...

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