Critique of the lastest New World Translation?

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  • Connie

    Hi Wonderment,

    I really found your comments encouraging. I must be honest and say I am a little discouraged today, since reading through so many posts, I wonder if it really is healthy for me to carry on with all of this. So many struggling people out there and so few answers to be found. I think I have hit a low point, and am confused as to why. Just dealing with losing family for all these years is so hard and the isolation, sigh. I thought that listening to others in their struggle would aid in my own recovery to take the focus off of myself and my own problems, but I am starting to really feel worse than before. Maybe this is not the place for me.

    I just finished praying this morning that Jesus is the Way and to please guide me, and you reminded me of your favourite passage, what a coincidence.

  • truthseeker100

    I just finished praying this morning that Jesus is the Way and to please guide me, and you reminded me of your favourite passage, what a coincidence.

    Connie, only the extremely stupid and the extremely wise never change their ways. Life is beautiful just live it!

  • FayeDunaway

    Wonderment, I appreciated your honest post as well. Even tho you and I read some scriptures differently, I think we have the same overall outlook--or at least very similar! Joining this forum it was never my purpose to argue the Trinity...I myself don't strictly adhere to it in my beliefs, as explained in a post above. I think the Trinity is an explanation of how Jesus can be referred to in the Bible several times as God, and reconciling this with there is only ONE God. To me it makes sense that since Jesus is the only begotten son of God, and man begets man, God begets God...Jesus is God and The Father is God. But as I said before, the Father is given fatherly respect. The Holy Sprit--while I do believe he is a person, and often in scripture the three are linked together, I don't believe he is also God. I think we don't really know. But mystery doesnt bother me. As your username suggests, I also like to 'wonder.'

    Connie please don't be discouraged. I find also that this forum gets me down sometimes. So, I have tried to focus on helping other people who are struggling or feeling lonely...helping them feel supported. I avoid the theist/atheist arguments that go nowhere. And there so many sad stories, often without answers. But at least these people have somewhere to tell their stories, to people who understand! But really, taking breaks from the forum is healthy and go ahead and take those breaks if you need to. If you are starting to feel discouraged that is a good sign that it's time for a break.

  • Connie

    Thanks FayeDunaway,

    I am really hurting today. Thanks for your thoughts.


  • smiddy


    The Jw`s published a word for word translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures some time ago .

    Titled :

    "The Kingdom Interlinear Translation Of The Christian Greek Scriptures " published by the WTB&TS .

    It was a word for word translation , that they used as a basis for their NWT of the Bible in this case the Christian Greek Scriptures /New testament section.

    Interestingly the original Greek text never uses the Tetragrammaton or any other equivalent of Greek letters .anywhere in the Christian Greek Scriptures.

    And this is obvious when looking at " The Kingdom Interlinear of The Christian Greek Scriptures "

    So their is no justification for using the name Jehovah in the Christian Greek Scriptures.From their own publications.

    While we are on the "Kingdom Interlinear " published by the WT ,word for word translation look at John ch.1:1

    in the K I ,word for word " ,In the beginning the word was and the word was God'

    In the marginal interpretation of that scripture the WT says " in the beginning the word was god and the word was a god." thereby giving their validation that Jesus was not God.

    However the original word for word text suggests otherwise., that they themselves published with their K.I.T


  • zeb

    The wt lean on the work of "Westcott and Hort" go to google and see what you see; inc that they both were involved with the occult.

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