Why haven't they re-started the 'cart witnessing'?

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Just a slight correction, the JW-Stream programs are all pre-recorded. Elders would be able to download copies and play them for folks (I imagine really old JW technophobes) without internet access.

    Do not confuse JW-stream with JW-Stream-Studio. They are totally different. As you correctly say all JW-Stream programmes are pre-recorded and this will not change. Our Circuit Assembly with Bethel representative (December 2021) will be in this format. All publishers will be able to download beforehand and play at their convenience, just the same as the upcoming Regional Convention.

    However, our Circuit Assembly with Circuit Overseer (May 2021 and May 2022) are JW-Stream-Studio. These are transmitted live, are not pre-recorded and are presented by the local brothers in the circuit. As there are no space limitations as with an Assembly Hall, the entire circuit, Sections A, B and C are all present at the one day event. Needless to say there were some technical issues and great variance in video quality between the speakers.

    I hope this clarifies my previous comments above.


  • Vidiot

    IMO, all this simply supports the theory the WT leadership has actually been wanting to eliminate the ministry work (as we knew it) almost altogether.

    The risk of rank-and-filers having to face more and more child abuse accusations and encountering "apostates" who were articulate and knowledgeable was simply getting too high.

  • hoser

    I think they will have a hard time reinstating any kind of physical ministry. The majority hated door to door but would never admit it. Privacy laws made keeping written records illegal. Field service was really about the social aspect of it. Before the rona hit going door to door had become a joke. Driving around a lot and really doing about 15 minutes of preaching and counting 2 hours. Not very effective at recruiting new members.

    As far as the cart witnessing, if there is even a remote chance of getting covid no one wants the risk. The longer the witnesses suspend public witnessing the harder it will be to get going. We’re a year and a half in and I see it being at least another year before people feel safe. Many are so frightened they will probably never feel safe with strangers

  • OnTheWayOut
    Its further proof we are sooo near the end..only a matter of days now.

    Yes. Anything to promote a near-Armageddon sense among the flock.
    Plus, cart witnessing is mainly busy work to keep the members busy. In reality, a feeling of panic about COVID19 and a sense that Watchtower is taking things more seriously than the rest of the world, is better for the Cult to control the members than busy work. Plus, they don't really want to keep producing paper literature at a loss.

    They are probably calculating how they can sell off Kingdom Halls before they send the members back.

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