Why haven't they re-started the 'cart witnessing'?

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    They are also not starting Circuit Assemblies any time soon. We have our dates for December 2021 (JW-stream) and May 2022 (JW-stream-studio). At this rate I can see them continuing this permanently and selling off the Assembly Hall.

    For anyone not familiar with JW-stream-studio it is like ZOOM except you do not have a camera so cannot see any of the audience. It is live so you cannot download and watch at some other time, everybody views at the same time. The speakers give their talk from home. At the latest CA, 14 individuals were baptised but this was not viewable.


  • FFGhost

    Just a slight correction, the JW-Stream programs are all pre-recorded. Elders would be able to download copies and play them for folks (I imagine really old JW technophobes) without internet access.

    Also, some congregations set up a Zoom meeting at a pool (or beach) so the congregation can watch if anyone from their own congregation is baptized, if there are any.

  • Rocketman123

    These virus social restriction laws have created a scenario where JWS are prodded to not stand on the streets with display carts and I'm sure there are a lot of JWS who are thankful for that.

    Remember JWS meetings are where and when people are quilted with pressing obligation to go out in service.

    This happens now on Zoom meetings where elders push to write letters and make phone calls.

    In any case in the near future you will see JWS on the streets once again.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    St George and FF

    The recent CA here was all local speakers done live, complete with technical difficulties. You had to tune in with a code at the set time. No pausing. I liked the prerecorded ine better because you could pause for a break. The WT version had smoother company men but we hangers on dont know any of the e local big wigs anyway.

    I guess credit is due that the local home studios were able to tap into the WT server and coordinate at all.

  • FFGhost

    Interesting - I guess different countries / regions do things differently now. Where I am, it is pre-recorded. That's the way it was all the time on the pre-pandemic JW-Stream service as well.

  • Magnum
    Diogenesister: I do wonder if this is their cue to go into full on "isolationist" cult mode

    Interesting. I have not thought about that. I could see them doing it. They could spin it by saying the preaching work has been accomplished and that it's time to "go into our "interior rooms" and wait on Jehovah".

    They have to know that there is too much knowledge against them now for them to ever be again as they once were. Those days are over.

  • tresdecu

    I thought it interesting that we had a couple Mormon girls in our neighborhood...They knock and then backup to the sidewalk, while wearing their masks. I guess God is blessing the Mormon d2d work lol.

  • skin

    About 6 months ago our congregation slipped up by announcing that cart witnessing was all go again, read out a list of rules that you had to met to be able to use the carts. Week later they had to make a reverse announcement saying the cart witnessing has not been approved yet.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i do hope jehovah got the email about putting armageddon on hold till the covid problem goes away.

  • FFGhost


    If you don't mind saying, which country was this?

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