Hollywood messed up another one

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  • GrreatTeacher

    Simon, that rant could have come from a liberal's mouth exactly, just switch up right and left, a few years ago.

  • _Morpheus

    Ironically the problem i had with that little rant from luke cage was that it wasnt true. Danny didnt grow a rich white boy. Grew up in kun lun living as a monk, so f*** you luke cage, who btw, was the worst form of life for liberals, a cop.

    The series wasnt that good over all. So many flaws in the story i dont know where to begin, but that little diatribe from luke didnt ruin it, as pointless and ill placed as it was.

  • hothabanero

    @Simon: It seems many of the people who called out the left a few years ago are backpedaling. Bill Maher is perhaps the best example (TBH, I stopped watching him regularly around the election), but Sam Harris is also repeating more and more liberal talking points these days.

    The funny thing about Bill Maher is that when he is spouting liberal talking points during the scripted parts he does not seem to be having fun, but he will then spontaneously add a jab at the liberals during the unscripted parts it seems like something he really believes and then realize he has to backtrack. Like when you tell a crude joke you think is funny and realize your boss is listening in.

    Conservatives should be careful inviting liberals to their shows as it is part of their belief system they must riot once the speech become too free. Similar to how Muslims must set up a bomb as soon as they find themselves in a country with too high standard of living.

    @_Morpheus: Lol that is too true. I didn't even think about it. Danny was raised by psycho monks who beat the shit out of him every day and probably fed him a diet of ass-life and snow. Luke should check his priveledge!

    BTW, are the SJWs up in arms yet bc the asian chick doesn't have any superpowers and Jessica jones is weaker than Luke? (that part actually piss me off).

  • David_Jay

    Despite the fact that I think some of you just don’t know the source material (again it’s just a comic book), I do think IMHO it would be minimizing the feelings of people who feel their culture and way of life is being threatened if I don't acknowledge that some really do feel angry about what they feel they are witnessing in the media.

    As a Jew, I can relate to that. And that is a separate issue. I would never want you to feel you don’t deserve to be heard or go through life feeling threatened in any fashioned. No human deserves that.

    True, you are merely talking about a television program. I have had my house of worship receive five bomb threats this year, my Jewish community center receive 4, twelve of my family grave sites replaced or repaired six times this year because of anti-Semitic symbols painted on them or because they were smashed or toppled, had a swastika painted on my front door, been told by a (former) friend of mine the other day I am not welcome in their house because of being a Jew, and a cabbage tossed at my head at a farmers market a couple of weeks ago because I wear a yarmulke (they both ran off but were eventually arrested). This was just this year, 2017. So, I can relate to what you might be feeling.

    And I am not trying to be condescending either. People’s agendas begin on paper, in the arts, on books, on stages, in paintings. Later came radio, then film, now television. Yes, the left does have an agenda that they push on television shows. Though the LGBT community is very small, it seems every show now has a gay or transgender person on it. And they are all so accepting of everyone. Alas, they don’t show you the prejudiced LGBT people. For instance, the person who told me I was no longer welcomed in their home was a gay man--an atheist gay man. Crazy, right? How more “left” can you get than that?

    While some might say: “Hey, white people in America don’t have a reason to feel threatened. They have all the privileges.” Well, yeah. But then again, I’m white. And I had all these things happen to me that I wrote above here. True, I’m a Sephardic Jew, and if you look close enough you can tell I’m a bit darker than most white people, but I live in Florida. Most “white people” are darker than I am because just everyone here has a tan. (Not kidding. I've seen Christians wear shorts and flip-flops to Mass!)

    People can feel threatened by agendas that are subtle or some we might just be imagining. But in the end, we all deserve to be heard. And we all owe it to one another to listen to each other. We’ll never understand our fellow man if we keep shouting at one another. It hasn’t worked in the past, it doesn’t work now, it will not work in the future.

    So, don’t think I am minimizing anyone’s feelings here. If you feel that your way of life is being threatened by what you are hearing in the media, it might be true. You feel what you feel and those feelings are very real. But try some dialogue instead of complaining. Dialogue is planned open discussion on all sides involved over time that seeks to build bridges of understanding and prevent fighting.

    Lastly, from what I remember in the comic books, the partnership between Luke Cage and Iron Fist was about breaking through stereotypes. Both Luke Cage and the Iron Fist had incorrect stereotypical views of one another until they became partners (Iron Fist even started dating Misty Knight, an African-American police woman who receives a bionic arm from Tony Stark--I don’t know if that is in your TV show you say is Marxist or if I just offered up a spoiler). So expect more of these speeches you don’t like, because they are supposed to keep making them until they realize they are blinded by stereotypical views they must overcome. This is a holdover from the reason their characters were created in the first place.

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