Hollywood messed up another one

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  • JW_Rogue

    Television is for weak minded fools to help them regurgitate whatever bullshit is currently in fashion. There are many followers but only a few people willing to view things rationally and logically.

  • hothabanero

    @JW_Rogue: lol, guess I am a weak minded fool, my life would stop without Netflix! I guess an Internet forum is the place for the Ubermench to exersize his mind!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Interesting OP & thread, although I admit I know nothing about The Defenders and Luke Cage.

    But Hollywood is part of the Establishment and isn't beyond being influenced by political correctness.

    I'd like to compare two films: Wes Craven's masterpiece A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and the crappy 2010 reboot. The plots are very similar but there are some key differences. Here's the difference I'd like to focus on ...

    In the 1984 original Nancy Thompson's mother, Marge, was one of the parents who had cornered the child killer Freddy Krueger, after he'd been let out on a technicality, and burned him alive. This murderous act had taken its toll on her and we see her frequently opening bottles of vodka or gin and knocking back the hard stuff. This isn't pleasant viewing but fits the plot very well - a mother complicit in murder doesn't cope very well afterwards. In fact, it was Wes Craven's intention to have the development of Nancy's character and development of her mother's character move in opposite directions throughout the course of the film. At the beginning, Nancy is scared shitless of her dreams and her mother Marge is functioning reasonably well (the odd treble vodka notwithstanding). By the end of the movie, we have Nancy setting booby traps in her house and preparing to fall asleep and pull Freddy out into the real world ... before she tucks her own mother into bed, as one would do for a little child. This is interesting but very un-PC.

    The 2010 film is definitely affected by the PC mob - a drunken mother is beyond the pale (having an alcoholic mother in a film is prejudiced, apparently). So in this film, Nancy Holbrook's mother is Dr Gwen Holbrook, an upwardly-mobile women. It isn't stated whether she's a doctor of medicine (MD) or of philosophy (PhD) but it doesn't fit the plot as well. We have a highly educated woman and mother who has helped deep-fry a child killer but seemingly takes this completely in her stride. She has the hallmarks of a psychopath.

    If one were to take a fine-tooth comb and go through films in depth, I'd imagine one would find many more examples of political correctness stifling creativity ...

  • JW_Rogue
    @JW_Rogue: lol, guess I am a weak minded fool, my life would stop without Netflix! I guess an Internet forum is the place for the Ubermench to exersize his mind!

    LOL A little strongly worded, what I mean is if you are deriving your world view from TV then you're going to end up a follower of whatever agenda is currently being pushed. Entertainment is fine but some people confuse fictional narratives for real life.

  • David_Jay
    Thanks, liberals, you ruined TV....

    Again, this speech was based on a story that came from a comic book...a COMIC BOOK! Comic books are for the immature. I was five when Luke Cage gave that speech in the comics that you are talking about. I am 50 now!

    You're not only wasting your life away by watching television, but you're watching a show based on kiddie comic books from the 1970s, and instead of contributing something more productive to society you waste even more time whining about it on the Internet from an armchair.

    Fine. Just keep posting. Keep arguing. Keep defending your point of you to prove yourself right.

    Let me know when you've grown up...

    ...when your life no longer consists of wasted days of watching shows that consist of stories that come from kiddie comics that make you complain about them on the Internet.

    Until that day comes, I can't take anything you say as serious or worthwhile.

  • hothabanero

    @David_Jay: Lol, and you are complaining about me complaining, so who is really wasting time?

    I didn't know the original comic was also full of this crap. I was commenting on a general trend, of including more and more of this marxist bullshit into modern tv shows.

  • David_Jay

    I will give you that one: I am, as you say, wasting my time on you. You are very correct there.

    And if you say there is "marxist bullshit" on "modern tv shows," as you put it, I wouldn't know that either. So I will give you that too.

    I for one don't go around complaining on how the quality of the Marxist TV programs that you watch are "bullshit." But then again I am not wasting my life watching Marxist TV programs like you are, and so I am therefore not in a position to make such a call.

    You win.

  • freemindfade

    Over all they have done a great job with the Marvel series I think, I know what hothabenero is talking about though, it was very strange little tangent that seemed to come out of nowhere and was palpably agenda-ish. It was basically "you should be ashamed for having white privilege(TM) and being white, and that should be your super power to solve problems." It was very odd.

    I feel sort of the same way about the satire and comedy on TV right now, its giving me trump exhaustion. I feel the wit and clever humor doesn't even exist anymore, just hit the trump button and make money. Tina Fey was on SNL weekend update special and it was a refreshing return to someone who is basically doing the same thing (criticising and satirizing Trump) without the self-righteous, humorless drone of everyone else, it was actually funny! Nothing like Trevor Noah and crew. They ruined a show John Stewart made amazing. We get it dude, white people are the root of all that is evil and are bad bad bad, shame on white people and their terrible race. *hits canned laughter button*

  • hothabanero

    @freemindfade: your talking about the cake-skit she did? That was soooo funny.

    Daily show have always been pretty political, but Noah really fucked it up. I don't watch it anymore at all. John Stewart did race with regards to Jews, but he was funny and played into the stereotypes. Now it has become one long rant against the evil white man. Pretty soon I bet he will just divide the audience along race and gender and spank them!

    In that vein, Samantha Bee used to be hilarious, but her show must be the least funny comedy show in all of history, beating "Gas und Spass mit Himler" lol. She is just rude, sexist and hysterical.

  • Simon

    I'm finding Bill Maher is less and less funny and informative and is also falling into the "rant about Trump and Republicans" trap that so many now seem to.

    He has guests on and doesn't let them talk or insists that they are saying something they are not.

    The sure sign to me of the bankrupt arguments from the left is the lack of arguments - you rarely get anyone from the left willing to go onto conservative leaning shows (not that many of them) but many conservatives are willing to go onto very liberal leaning shows and put up a cohesive reasoned argument for their position despite, sadly, often just being subject to ridicule and name calling.

    The trouble for the left is that it's an echo bubble - all the people in it think they represent the majority opinion. That isn't necessarily correct and they are now doing more to antagonize, annoy and exclude people that they really should be trying to win over for the next election.

    But hey, anything but report news about DWS, the DNC corruption, the Pakistani IT contractors and their links to Russia eh?

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